Chef Guacamole and the Birthday Pickle

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‘We could make the biggest cake in the world!’

Tuesday 21st February

Chef Guacamole & side-kick Chef Octopus Jelly were in a bit of a pickle.

The biggest celebration in town was about to take place on Saturday and our chef friends were quite unprepared.

You see, all the children of the town share the same birthday and this special occasion definitely needs a bit of flair.

‘But the children are just SO BORED of our recipes!’

said Chef Guacamole

‘Yes! They are no longer so interested in my delicious octopus jellies …’

sighed Chef Octopus Jelly

‘We could make the biggest cake in the world!’

The fabulous Storyplay Chefs came to the rescue.

 ‘Oh wow! Will you help us? We could do with the help of some very creative chefs from around the world.’

Mrs Purple Chef makes purple food and Rainbow Chef makes rainbow cakes. Tiger Chef cooks chocolate and collaborates with his close friend Ketchup Chef.

Chef Junior makes tomato pasta and Colourful Chef makes colourful food. Even the famous Ninja Chef came by to help!

‘Right chefs! Let’s get going!’ 

The Recipe




A great big egg to start

chili sauce and rice and salt,

a scary monster and ketchup,

and add pancakes and salad.

Stir in blueberries and straws

mermaids and unicorns too.

Have you heard of Ben & Holly,

throw them in the mix, woohoo!

Spoon the mix into the tin

and put the tin in the oven.

Bake it well till you can smell

delicious aromas all over!

And now let’s decorate with blue sprinkles,

love hearts & pink frosting!

Pineapple and apples,

rainbow sprinkles,

sparkles, icing

And some birthday candles!

The cake was a success and the Licketyspit children saved the day again, for the great big gorgeous cake was made with special love and care!

By Taz, Sarah, Andre & the Saturday Pals

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