The Lickety Lockdown Album!

We’ve been overwhelmed by the imagination, creativity and inventiveness of the members of our Children and Families Network during the lockdown. Poems, cookery videos, guides to Nigeria and Tanzania, paper unicorns, butterflies made from pom poms, new recipes for fruity cocktails… when we asked you to send us a quick snap of what you’d been creating or playing at home we didn’t expect such a fantastic response!

We’ve received:

⭐  creative responses to the difficult situation, such as poems and drawings
⭐  arts, crafts and videos inspired by our series of Activity Films
⭐  drawings inspired by the adventures we have during our Big Porridge and Play Online sessions

If you’d like to send your own photo or video, or if you’d like to join the Children and Families Network, please email

💡 Remember to take a look at our Coronavirus Family Resources page too! We’ve shared a range of resources including ideas for games to play at home, easy-to-follow videos explaining coronavirus and the lockdown to children, and entertaining videos showing you how to engage with our Lickety Playcards.

Your videos!

Your photos!