Storyplay For The Planet with Cranhill Primary!!

East Centre Ward Residency

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We went to Cranhill Primary on Friday 12th November for the first session of our Storyplay for the Planet! 

We got to meet loads of wonderful children and their grown ups! As well as some of the fantastic teachers at the school that let us come and play with them!

In this session we started out by being as BIG as a BEAR! Which meant we got to meet loads of animal friends that live on our planet.

Then we got to know the Funky Chicken! All the children and grown ups got to show us their animal. Which included a sleepy elephant 🐘  and a snappy snake 🐍

We got to sing about Grandma and then blow up our balloons and travel all over the WORLD! What a great adventure it was!

‘I loved that when I was thinking of things to see below all the ideas were so amazing and I realised we could make up anything at all!’ Headteacher

Flying Balloons

We started off by exploring in our sock and you’ll never guess what we found?! Why, we found a balloon! But, not just any balloon! It was a MAGIC balloon. We took our balloons and we blew them UP and UP and UP so they could take us high in the sky! They let us explore our world and what an amazing world it is!

We started off in Glasgow Green where we found a pond. In that pond there were some ducks! And these ducks had a giant octopus as a friend. We were a little scared of the octopus at first but once we got to know him we all became good friends.

When a naughty seagull popped our balloons we got to blow them up again! This time we flew so so high we got to meet all new friends. We met a rainbow flamingo! This flamingo was rainbow coloured because it had so much love for our planet! We then went to the Prymids in Egypt where we got to dig for buried treasure. When we found some we got to share it with all our friends.

We even got to go to outer space! This is where we met a friendly alien and got to tell him all about our planet. He was a little sad when we had to leave but we promised we’d be back.

So, just remember! If you ever want to go on a flying balloon adventure you just have to look in your sock! 

Our Stories

‘this is when we went on the adventure and that’s the sad alien, he’s sad cause we left. And that’s the dad alien and that’s the mum. It was a full moon. That’s a lion, I seen a lion over there when were flying the balloons. It was running over there cause it’s home’s over there in the cave. He was a friendly lion. I have hundreds of balloons.’


‘that’s a wolf, and elsa and a unicorn, and an alien. The alien is with Peter. That’s my mum, she’s making noodles that’s where she’s cooking the noodles. The wolf was running away and someone was trying to get me.’


‘I made a rainbow and then I put some blue in it and that’s the sky and a unicorn tail and I drew my name. The unicorn was in the sky flying about with me. Flying to the desert where they live in a rainbow cave. That’s me and the rainbow and that’s the kisses in the rainbow. I liked it when we put the stuff in our hair and got mucky.’


‘that’s the stuff on the head, that’s the kiss and that’s the kiss and that’s the jelly and that’s the slug slime, snail, honey and that’s the flour. It felt funny with all the stuff on my head. That’s the milk and that’s the honey and that’s the wee tub to pour all the honey in it and that’s the factory and that’s the bees that make the honey.’


Do you know the Funky Chicken?!

well, do you know the funky chicken?!

The grown ups and children at Cranhill primary sure do!

We got to meet loads of exciting and fun animals when meeting the Funky Chicken. These animals included a Sleepy Elephant, a Snappy Snake, a Scaredy Cat, a Dancing Monkey and a Silly Parrot! All the children and grown ups got to show us their animals and then we got to talk about how important they are to our planet and the best way to keep them safe for everyone to enjoy!

The adventures you can go with a flying balloon!

‘When we went to space, that’s the night sky, it’s all purple and that’s the stars and the moon and the balloons popped. The planet is water and land. I liked the drawing the most.’


‘My pastel pink balloon, landing on the moon, there are magic swirls that Amber added for me. I liked the balloons the best because I like travelling to different places. Might go to Brazil next time, find a street party.’

Mrs Fitchie

‘This is not a sad frog, this is a sad alien and he was sad because they missed us because weren’t in space anymore. Here is some of the treasure we found. He’s been playing mucky brew so he’s got an egg on his head a space slug on his shoulder. I loved playing today.’

Mr Beggs

‘This is where we put everything on our head there’s slime and yoghurt, on our cheeks and tongue, that’s mamma Mel.  That’s the egg shell and ketchup. It was fun and took me back to when I was little and I loved seeing her having fun.’

Brogan (Mum)

‘The sleepy elephant and the rainbow flamingo and all the balloons fomr when we were going on a trip. I loved that when I was thinking of things to see below all the ideas were so amazing and I realised we could make up anything at all!’

Mrs McLauchlan

Once we’d come up with our ideas, we started drawing!

After we had all our adventures we all came together to do some reflective drawing. This gave us time to sit and chat and discuss all the amazing adventures we had been on! We got to hear all about the animals (and aliens) we had met! We also got to discuss the mucky brew we had made and the song Grandma Grandma which we had all sung together.

What an amazing play session we had! Thank you to the children and grown ups and Cranhill Primary School who came to play with us!

The Lickety Gallery!

Storyplay For The Planet

A series of Storyplay & Have Your Say Through Play sessions for families with 3-12 year olds in East Centre Ward.

Licketyspit will deliver sessions in schools, nurseries and online for communities across the East Centre Ward to support confidence, parental engagement, relationships and children’s rights.

The school groups will receive an introductory Storyplay session, followed by a Have your Say Through Play session to support the children to express their thoughts, feelings & ideas about Climate Change using imaginary play.

These sessions will be a chance for families to explore the issue of climate change and share their feelings about it creatively, elevating children’s voices and demonstrating the power of imagination to find solutions to the greatest collective challenge of our time!