Storyplay For The Planet with Bellrock Nursery

East Centre Ward Residency

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We went to Bellrock Nursery on Friday 3rd December for the first session of our Storyplay for the Planet! 

Everyone was ready to get stuck in and play all the games with us, many having learnt some of the games from their teacher, Storyplay Champion Josephine.

Our extraordinary 3-5 year-olds were quickly warmed up with Big As A Bear, exploring some incredible wildlife creates and becoming expressive characters. It was such a riot with lots of laughter! It quickly became a favourite game for some.
We then had a round of Funky Chicken, where we met Reise and Gracie’s Spotty Giraffe, the Brown & White Dog, Mini Dog, the Dancing Hippo from our excellent teacher Josephine, the Silly Bunny and the Happy Sheep!
We then played Flying Balloons. We saw a tiny door below us and Reise saw Santa coming out of the door! Harlow saw Santa leaving on his sleigh and Sarah saw her Mum. We then saw the sea…and flew down and swam in it!  We saw lots of fish, sharks and piranas. We surfed and swam! Several children turned into sharks who we fed with fish which we caught, marshmallows and even chicken nuggets!
We swam up, landed on the beach and relaxed with a well-needed nap, sleeping on the shore…
We then made a fire and Theo found sticks and marshmallows to have along with fish we caught. A few of you told us what their fish tasted like – cake and strawberry and even sausages!
Then it was time to fly home in our Flying Balloons.
We did have time for our Grandma Grandma rhyme, which was a real treat. We all learned the song and the moves. It was a real hoot! The game was played with lots of actions and plenty of enthusiasm. We can not wait to see everyone do Grandma Grandma again next time!
Thanks for a wonderful Storyplay session, Bellrock!

What we drew

The ocean with a shark, that’s the suncream for the beach. I liked swimming around.

That’s the fire I’ve got a firestick with marshmallows, it tasted like nice.

That’s the water, that’s the boat. I’m on the boat. Going to Paris! I liked swimming in the sea.

That’s purple shark, green shark, pink shark, family of sharks. Mummy shark is pink. They’re swimming in the sea. I was a shark. A scary shark. People were throwing sticks at the shark and they died. And then mum shark came and looked after them. I had a back like a shark.

That’s all my family and a bunny. Playing with the bunny. That’s a boat. Going to Flamingo Land, had a good time.

Once we’d come up with our ideas, we started drawing!

After we had all our adventures we all came together to do some reflective drawing. This gave us time to think and chat about the amazing things we had experienced in our imaginary play. We especially heard a lot about the children’s personal adventures under the sea.

The Lickety Gallery!

Storyplay For The Planet

A series of Storyplay & Have Your Say Through Play sessions for families with 3-12 year olds in East Centre Ward.

Licketyspit will deliver sessions in schools, nurseries and online for communities across the East Centre Ward to support confidence, parental engagement, relationships and children’s rights.

The school groups will receive an introductory Storyplay session, followed by a Have your Say Through Play session to support the children to express their thoughts, feelings & ideas about Climate Change using imaginary play.

These sessions will be a chance for families to explore the issue of climate change and share their feelings about it creatively, elevating children’s voices and demonstrating the power of imagination to find solutions to the greatest collective challenge of our time!