Children’s Guide to Coronavirus 2: Lockdown

Plus Polish Translation!

👀🎥 An update on the Coronavirus lockdown for children and families, from Virginia at Licketyspit.

Also includes lots of hilarious ideas for things to play and do with everyday household objects
– from our actor-pedagogue, Iona!

This was prompted by Mrs Thomson at Oakwood Primary – one of our Storyplay Schools!
Our first video had really helped lots of children there.

We hope this one does too!

We all just wish this coronavirus would just go away. And it will! But until it does, our lives are going to be a bit different for a while.

Virginia at Licketyspit

Licketyspit Informacje na temat koronowirusa dla dzieci i dorosłyches

👀🎥 Video in Polish! – Translation of our first Lickety Coronavirus Guide for Children.

Bardzo dziękuję Asia and family for creating this Polish version of our first Guide to the Coronavirus Outbreak for is a children & families!

Translation by Asia – a teacher and Lickety Mum who lives in Edinburgh – & her mum Bozena.

Production support – her daughters Julia, Liliana, Amelia and Doro the Dog!

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Community Resources

Play Scotland 101 Ways to Play!

There are loads of  cool things to do at home on the Play Scotland website and Twitter feed!

We especially like these instructions to make a pirate treasure map! Maybe you could hide things round the house, tie a towel on your head to make a bandana and become a pirate ARRR!

You could take turns being the Pirate Captain leading the treasure hunt and getting your crew to SCRUB THE DECK and CLIMB THE RIGGING while you’re at it!

Children & Young People’s Commisioner Plan & VIDEOS

The CYPC for Scotland has released their 4 year plan to promote children’s human rights in communities across Scotland. Created with children and Commissioner Bruce Adamson, the priorities are: mental health, poverty, climate justice. Right now they are prioritising supporting children most affected by Covid-19.

They have also made a great animated video explaining what children’s rights are – here!

Internet Access during Covid-19 from Young Scot

Internet providers have agreed with the government to remove the limit on the amount of internet access or broadband people can use at home during this crisis.

If you use mobile data, companies have agreed to “fairly and appropriately” support you if you have any problems paying your mobile phone bill. They’ve also been encouraged to accomodate increased use of data. You should get in touch with your phone company if you’re having trouble paying your mobile phone bill, to see what they can do. Find out more here.