Video: Grandma, Grandma


Virginia and Iona teach you the Grandma, Grandma song, from the Lickety Playcard Repertoire! Watch the video and join in with us from home - it's easy to learn and lots of fun to do! The video is part of a series of Playcard Videos which Licketyspit are producing for children and families to join in with at home during the coronavirus outbreak. Find out more and watch the other coronavirus videos here. More like this! Licketyspit Family Lockdown Resources

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Hare & Tortoise Audio-Show


Hare & Tortoise Audio-Show Online Sunday 10th May 2020 “Hare will be there! Yeah, yeah, yeah!”  “Go Tortoise go! Don’t be slow!" We're very excited to be sharing the audio-show version of Hare & Tortoise in 9 Episodes on our website! 🕖 EVERY NIGHT @ 7pm from 10th-18th May on our Facebook Page. Tortoise challenges boastful Hare to a race, but who will win this famous contest? Adapted from Aesop’s classic fable, Licketyspit’s  Hare & Tortoise is a hilarious, highly energetic and imaginative piece of interactive theatre. Bake the race cake with the Bun Brothers, try and survive a night in the spooky wood with a ukulele and cheer on the contestants! “…wit, resourcefulness, nimble imagination, and a heartwarming attention to the kind of teensy wee details that add magic and surprises to the narrative… nuances of cartoon capers, nursery rhymes, slapstick silliness, and opportunities for vociferous audience participation… with audiences the clear winners all the way.”  “All you need is a washing basket shell and a pair of red tights! Our children were mesmerised.”  LISTEN NOW! Trailer The Audio-Show version is performed by Virginia Radcliffe and Deborah Arnott with music by Tim Brinkhurst. To find videos, games and other activities to do at home during the Coronavirus Lockdown click [...]

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Licketyspit Digital Access Survey


Loading… Lickety Online! Throughout April, we're doing trial online Zoom play sessions every Wednesday.  Email Ruby at if you'd like to come! Community Resources Molly Whuppie Audio-Show (From Licketyspit!) You can listen to the audio-show of Molly Whuppie with actors and live music on harp and fiddle here! We are releasing a new episode every night at 7pm from 7-18th April and they will be online till the end of the month! Virtual Tour of Frida Kahlo's House We may be stuck indoors but we can travel anywhere in our imaginations or on the internet! There are several museums and galleries you can visit virtually online. Frida Kahlo, an inspirational Mexican artist, had a wonderful, colourful house in Mexico City. It is now a museum you can visit, and even virtually! FREE Audio-Books from Audible From Harry Potter to Winnie the Pooh, there are lots of stories you can listen to online for wee ones, bigger ones and the whole family. Beatrix Potter, the Just So Stories like How the Camel got his Hump, Alice in Wonderland and Children's Greatest Poems are some of the other titles. And there are stories in lots of different languages too! Join the Children & Families Network!

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Lickety Online Play Sessions!


We were very excited to try out our first Lickety Online Play Session last week! We used the platform Zoom to play with families all over Glasgow  - in their living rooms! It was great fun. We flew up and off round the world in our Balloons. We saw a volcano, a dinosaur planet, trees that looked like broccoli and so much more. We sang Grandma Grandma and wriggled down the line and had LOADS of Funky Chicken animals too like...The Wiggly Worm, the Beautiful Peacock and the Silly Fish! The Washing Song! We're really looking forward to trying it out again tomorrow! Lickety Zoom 2! Wednesday 15th April at 2pm Email Ruby at if you'd like to come. Community Resources New Scottish Government Helpline  0800 111 4000 A new national helpline has been set up to provide essential assistance to people who don’t have a network of support but who are at high risk of contracting COVID-19. It will provide support through your local council, to access: essential food and medication; links to local social work services; emotional support; contact with local volunteer groups. The helpline is now open, from 9am-5pm, and is for people who: do not have family or existing community support cannot get online who are over 70 are disabled require the support of mental health services are [...]

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Molly Whuppie Audio-Show


Molly Whuppie Audio-Show Online Tuesday 7th April 2020 We're very excited to be sharing the audio-show version of Molly Whuppie in 12 Episodes on our website! 🕖 EVERY NIGHT @ 7pm from 7th-18th April on the Molly Whuppie Page! There are some pictures to accompany the story, but you can just listen to it too without watching the screen - perfect at bedtime as a #lockdown Easter break treat! Look out for some activities to do after you've finished listening to the story! The episodes will be up to listen and share for free until the end of April. This is Virginia Radcliffe's adaptation of a traditional tale of this amazing Scottish superhero who has captured the imagination of thousands of children since it was first produced in 2000. Performed by Virginia and Rosalind Sydney, with music by Tim Brinkhurst, arranged and performed by Gavin Marwick and Mary McMaster! Find out more in our associate artists page! Molly Whuppie Dance! Molly Whuppie Sing! Molly Whuppie ran through the woods And she went to see the King! LISTEN NOW Molly Whuppie Audio-Show Trailer All Episodes To find videos, games and other activities to do at home during the Coronavirus Lockdown click here. To find out more about Storyplay, click here. To join the Children [...]

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Children’s Guide to Coronavirus 2: Lockdown


👀🎥 An update on the Coronavirus lockdown for children and families, from Virginia at Licketyspit. Also includes lots of hilarious ideas for things to play and do with everyday household objects - from our actor-pedagogue, Iona! This was prompted by Mrs Thomson at Oakwood Primary - one of our Storyplay Schools! Our first video had really helped lots of children there. We hope this one does too! We all just wish this coronavirus would just go away. And it will! But until it does, our lives are going to be a bit different for a while. Virginia at Licketyspit Licketyspit Informacje na temat koronowirusa dla dzieci i dorosłyches 👀🎥 Video in Polish! - Translation of our first Lickety Coronavirus Guide for Children. Bardzo dziękuję Asia and family for creating this Polish version of our first Guide to the Coronavirus Outbreak for is a children & families! Translation by Asia - a teacher and Lickety Mum who lives in Edinburgh - & her mum Bozena. Production support - her daughters Julia, Liliana, Amelia and Doro the Dog! Proszę podziel się tym / Please share on Facebook here! Community Resources Play Scotland 101 Ways to Play! There are loads of  cool things to do at home on the Play Scotland website and Twitter feed! We especially like these [...]

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Video explaining Coronavirus to children in English, Arabic & Spanish


We know lots of children are wondering what on earth is going on with this Coronavirus, so we made this video to help parents, carers, teachers and other adults explain what's going on. Then our Lickety Volunteer Asim made an Arabic version and our Actor-Pedagogue Taz made a Spanish version! Watch the videos below: English عربى Español You don't need to feel worried. But if you do feel worried, do talk to someone about it! Virginia at Licketyspit Community Resources GCVS Guide to Coronavirus Support in Glasgow Useful directory of all the services provided by organisations, community groups and charities in Glasgow, so we can all help each other through the Coronavirus outbreak. You can read the Glasgow Council for Voluntary Service (GCVS) March 25th Newsletter here. Refuweegee support for EVERYONE who needs it Refuweegee can deliver packages of toiletries, food and entertainment to you or anyone you know who needs a bit of extra support at the moment. Whether you're in isolation or in need because your work has been affected by the coronavirus outbreak, text 07520 648 388 and their volunteers will deliver. INFORMATION  in فارسی - FARSI Español - Spanish عربى - Arabic Parent Club Scot Click here for lots of support from this Scottish Government [...]

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Licketyspit & the Coronavirus Outbreak


We are sad to announce that all of our family sessions - including Big Porridge & Play Glasgow and Picnic & Play - are now postponed until further notice ☹️ 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦Our play sessions are social gatherings with shared food, dressing up & group play with families from across different communities. Given the current situation, we cannot bring people together in this way. We will be in touch when we can reschedule. 📱Meanwhile we'll be producing increased online resources like the below& email/text communications with cheery activities for families through our  Children & Families Network! Play ideas, stories, games, recipes and more – shared with & between families. We'll be doing lots of VIRTUAL PLAY on our Facebook page and in a new CFN Facebook Group coming soon...! 💌These resources will be open to all – please share! Families can join the network at here or by emailing Ruby at or texting 07413 800 342! 📞 We are also very keen to share other family opportunities/resources/support. Please get in touch if there is anything you would like us share via email/ text. Remember, our greatest resources are ourselves and we all have rich imaginations! 🤝🎈🌎 Lickety Guide to the Coronavirus for Children You can watch our video with subtitles on Youtube here. You can also watch & share it on Facebook here or Twitter here. Here is [...]

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Take 2: CFN Festive Trips!


CFN Trip to Rosemount Development Trust 30th Anniversary Celebrations 01st December 2019 It was great to join the Royston community for an afternoon of Christmassy fun for Rosemount Development Trust's 30th anniversary. Ruby, our Children and Families Network producer, went along with a couple of CFN families from Maryhill and the Gorbals and a few of their friends. It was great to meet lots of new families and join them in a family takeover of Royston Road with a lantern parade featuring fantastic Caterpillar Lanterns decorated by local groups and classes. The Glasgow Playbus was another highlight - a huge double decker bus full of soft play tunnels and obstacles! It was also good to get some hot homemade lentil soup (a bit like our Porridge & Play soup!) made by Julia and her colleagues at North Glasgow Community Food Initiative - thank you! CFN Trip to see A Lad in Maryhill Pantomime 4th December 2019 It was great to be joined by families from Maryhill, Ruchill and Govanhill for our CFN trip to the panto here at the CCH. We're grateful to Halo Arts and the West End Festival for the preview night tickets. It was especially good to play a round of Funky Chicken while we had our mince pies beforehand! Good to see some older children from St Marys Storyplay 2018 still playing [...]

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CFN Festive Trips!


23rd November 2019 Mary Poppins Cinema Trip with the Caravan Project We had a FAB first ever Children & Families Network trip to the Glasgow Film Theatre (GFT) on Saturday to watch Mary Poppins! 22 families from St Marys Primary Storyplay and Wyndford Nursery Storyplay in Maryhill, and from Ruchill Big Porridge & Play and Whiteinch Big Porridge & Play joined us. 🎬BIG thanks to the Caravan Project and the Glasgow Film Theatre for making it happen! If your children go to a Glasgow Primary you can apply for  Glasgow Kidz Card which gives you one free child ticket + one free adult ticket for every child in your family for the Take Two screening at 11.30am every Saturday! Find out more & apply here or by calling 0141 276 0727. We asked... What have you enjoyed most about the Trip? You said.... Watching Mary Poppins again 😊 spending time with my family and meeting new people (Dad) I enjoyed meeting other families and spending time with my kids, seeing the film and not worrying about everyday stresses. (Mum) Enjoying time with my daughter and other families. She was so excited to meet up & socialise with school friends. (Mum) Spending time with kids, friends and other people. (Mum) Getting to go with friends from school (Gran) The film (Mum) Very funny [...]

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