Licketyspit Digital Access Survey

Videos, Live Play...what online content would you like?

Lickety Online!

Throughout April, we’re doing trial online Zoom play sessions every Wednesday. 

Email Ruby at if you’d like to come!

Community Resources

Molly Whuppie Audio-Show (From Licketyspit!)

You can listen to the audio-show of Molly Whuppie with actors and live music on harp and fiddle here!

We are releasing a new episode every night at 7pm from 7-18th April and they will be online till the end of the month!

Virtual Tour of Frida Kahlo’s House

We may be stuck indoors but we can travel anywhere in our imaginations or on the internet!

There are several museums and galleries you can visit virtually online.

Frida Kahlo, an inspirational Mexican artist, had a wonderful, colourful house in
Mexico City. It is now a museum you can visit, and even virtually!

FREE Audio-Books from Audible

From Harry Potter to Winnie the Pooh, there are lots of stories you can listen to online for wee ones, bigger ones and the whole family. Beatrix Potter, the Just So Stories like How the Camel got his Hump, Alice in Wonderland and Children’s Greatest Poems are some of the other titles.

And there are stories in lots of different languages too!