CFN Festive Trips!

23rd November 2019

Mary Poppins Cinema Trip with the Caravan Project

We had a FAB first ever Children & Families Network trip to the Glasgow Film Theatre (GFT) on Saturday to watch Mary Poppins!

22 families from St Marys Primary Storyplay and Wyndford Nursery Storyplay in Maryhill, and from Ruchill Big Porridge & Play and Whiteinch Big Porridge & Play joined us.

🎬BIG thanks to the Caravan Project and the Glasgow Film Theatre for making it happen!

If your children go to a Glasgow Primary you can apply for  Glasgow Kidz Card which gives you one free child ticket + one free adult ticket for every child in your family for the Take Two screening at 11.30am every Saturday! Find out more & apply here or by calling 0141 276 0727.

We asked…

What have you enjoyed most about the Trip?

You said….

  • Watching Mary Poppins again 😊 spending time with my family and meeting new people (Dad)
  • I enjoyed meeting other families and spending time with my kids, seeing the film and not worrying about everyday stresses. (Mum)
  • Enjoying time with my daughter and other families. She was so excited to meet up & socialise with school friends. (Mum)
  • Spending time with kids, friends and other people. (Mum)
  • Getting to go with friends from school (Gran)
  • The film (Mum)
  • Very funny interesting movie (Mum)
  • We loved the Mary Popins film so much (Mum)
  • The group trip afforded me fun and the socialization was awesome. (Dad)
  • Meeting new people and spending time with family. (Dad)
  • Yes, it was a very enjoyable time, meeting new peoples.
  • The film and the songs on the bus (Mum)
  • Meeting new people

We asked…

How did you feel about this trip? Would you like to go on another Licketyspit CFN trip?

You said….

  • As it’s new to me and I see lots of benefits for my family, I will be at Licketyspit trips at every opportunity (Dad)
  • I would go on another Licketyspit trip with my kids and group, people from Licketyspit. (Dad)
  • Yes, we would like to go on another trip. I enjoyed it & am very grateful for a great family day out. However, the film length was fairly long & most kids got unsettled. (Mum)
  • Loved the trip. Yes please!!! (Mum)
  • Loved it defo would (Gran)
  • Was a great day defo come again (Mum)

Children’s comments!

What have you enjoyed most about the Trip?

  • Popcorn, movie, seeing friends (9 year old)
  • Getting to meet new people and spend more time with your family. (9 year old)
  • It amisen (amazing) and it a story I learned (7 year old)
  • Liked the movie, the bus ride and the snacks 😊 (5 year old)
  • Enjoyed start + bored (7 year old)
  • Coach trip (5 year old)

01st December 2019

CFN Trip to Rosemount Development Trust 30th Anniversary Celebrations

It was great to join the Royston community for an afternoon of Christmassy fun for the Rosemount Development Trust‘s 30th anniversary.

Ruby, our Children and Families Network producer, went along with a couple of CFN families from Maryhill and the Gorbals and a few of their friends. It was great to meet lots of new families and join them in a family takeover of Royston Road with a lantern parade featuring fantastic Caterpillar Lanterns decorated by local groups and classes. The Glasgow Playbus was another highlight – a huge double decker bus full of soft play tunnels and obstacles! It was also good to get some hot homemade lentil soup (a bit like our Porridge & Play soup!) made by Julia and her colleagues at North Glasgow Community Food Initiative – thank you!