Licketyspit & the Coronavirus Outbreak

What we'll be doing & a video for children

We are sad to announce that all of our family sessions – including Big Porridge & Play Glasgow and Picnic & Play – are now postponed until further notice ☹️

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦Our play sessions are social gatherings with shared food, dressing up & group play with families from across different communities. Given the current situation, we cannot bring people together in this way. We will be in touch when we can reschedule.

📱Meanwhile we’ll be producing increased online resources like the below& email/text communications with cheery activities for families through our  Children & Families Network! Play ideas, stories, games, recipes and more – shared with & between families. We’ll be doing lots of VIRTUAL PLAY on our Facebook page and in a new CFN Facebook Group coming soon…!

💌These resources will be open to all – please share! Families can join the network at here or by emailing Ruby at or texting 07413 800 342! 📞

We are also very keen to share other family opportunities/resources/support. Please get in touch if there is anything you would like us share via email/ text.

Remember, our greatest resources are ourselves and we all have rich imaginations! 🤝🎈🌎

Lickety Guide to the Coronavirus for Children

You can watch our video with subtitles on Youtube here. You can also watch & share it on Facebook here or Twitter here. Here is the script for anyone who would find it helpful to read alongside the video:
We know lots of children are wondering what on earth is going on with this Corona Virus?
What is it?
Where does it come from?
How do you catch it?
Will I catch it? Or will my friend or someone in my family catch it?
How bad would it be to catch it?
The Corona Virus is like a bad cold or a flu – it gives you a sore head, a sore throat and a cough. For most people after a week or so of feeling poorly and staying in bed it will just go away like a normal flu and we’ll be fine.
The reason that we are stopping going to school and some people are stopping going to work. is that this is a NEW flu virus. That means that no-one has any antibodies – cells in our bodies ready to fight it – BOOM! – so if we get close to someone who has Corona Virus, we will probably catch it and then other people could catch it from us.
AND some people who might catch it from us, especially older people, or people who have been ill with other things, might need to go to hospital to help them get better AND we don’t want too many people to need to go to hospital at the same time!
That’s why we are all agreeing to be very careful NOT to catch this virus – by washing our hands every time we go in or out especially after we have sneezed or coughed AND not standing too close to people if you have to go out.
As you know, a proper hand wash is 20 seconds! Long enough to sing your favourite song a couple of times and have a wee dance while you do it – which will also make you feel GREAT!
Every day lots of people, including Licketyspit, will be putting ideas on the internet for things you can have fun doing at home as well as the activities you will be getting from your teachers. We will give you lots of stories, songs, rhymes, games and other things we think you might enjoy!
Remember children and families all over the world are at home just now. We can use the internet and the phone to share what we’re doing and inspire each other! There is no need to worry but if you do feel worried do talk about it to someone else or draw a picture about it. Worries are smaller when they’re shared and better out than in!
You don’t have to be together in the same room to play with your friends!
We can be inventive!
Everyone has a brilliant imagination.
Remember, in imaginary play we can be anyone, go anywhere, do anything!

Look out for Lickety Playcard Game Videos on our Facebook Page!

Extracts from our shows coming soon!

Community Resources

Mindheart Guide to Coronavirus

in 20+ Languages! Click here to download.

Creator Manuela Molina has made this FREE resource to help us reassure children across the world. More info here.

Author: Manuela Molina Cruz
CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 International Public License