Touring Shows

Do you know what theatre is? Theatre is just a way of telling a story. But we don’t read you the story out of a book. And we don’t just sit down and tell you a story.

We show you a story!

In the Licketyspit shows, we are actors, and we pretend to be the people in the story – just like you dress up to pretend to be different people sometimes when you play. Actors and children have something in common – they are both experts at playing!

Licketyspit has a repertoire of 7 original theatre shows, rich with story, language, music and physical performance. Our shows are developed for and with 3-7 year-olds and place early years children at the heart of an inclusive, shared theatre experience for all the family. They are greatly enjoyed by everyone from 0-12, as well as adults!

All our shows are accompanied by interactive programmes, books, audio-CDs and teaching resources, with potential for extended outreach and satellite events. These shows have toured all over Scotland to critical acclaim, and are known for their long-term impact on children’s play and culture.