Hare & Tortoise Audio-Show

Hare & Tortoise Audio-Show Online

Sunday 10th May 2020

“Hare will be there! Yeah, yeah, yeah!”
 “Go Tortoise go! Don’t be slow!”

We’re very excited to be sharing the audio-show version of Hare & Tortoise in 9 Episodes on our website!

🕖 EVERY NIGHT @ 7pm from 10th-18th May on our Facebook Page.

Tortoise challenges boastful Hare to a race, but who will win this famous contest? Adapted from Aesop’s classic fable, Licketyspit’s  Hare & Tortoise is a hilarious, highly energetic and imaginative piece of interactive theatre.

Bake the race cake with the Bun Brothers, try and survive a night in the spooky wood with a ukulele and cheer on the contestants!

“…wit, resourcefulness, nimble imagination, and a heartwarming attention to the kind of teensy wee details that add magic and surprises to the narrative… nuances of cartoon capers, nursery rhymes, slapstick silliness, and opportunities for vociferous audience participation… with audiences the clear winners all the way.” 

The Herald

“All you need is a washing basket shell and a pair of red tights! Our children were mesmerised.” 

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The Audio-Show version is performed by Virginia Radcliffe and Deborah Arnott with music by Tim Brinkhurst.

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