Molly Whuppie Audio-Show

Molly Whuppie Audio-Show Online

Tuesday 7th April 2020

We’re very excited to be sharing the audio-show version of Molly Whuppie in 12 Episodes on our website!

🕖 EVERY NIGHT @ 7pm from 7th-18th April on the Molly Whuppie Page!

There are some pictures to accompany the story, but you can just listen to it too without watching the screen – perfect at bedtime as a #lockdown Easter break treat!

Look out for some activities to do after you’ve finished listening to the story! The episodes will be up to listen and share for free until the end of April.

This is Virginia Radcliffe’s adaptation of a traditional tale of this amazing Scottish superhero who has captured the imagination of thousands of children since it was first produced in 2000. Performed by Virginia and Rosalind Sydney, with music by Tim Brinkhurst, arranged and performed by Gavin Marwick and Mary McMaster! Find out more in our associate artists page!

Molly Whuppie Dance!
Molly Whuppie Sing!
Molly Whuppie ran through the woods
And she went to see the King!


Molly Whuppie Audio-Show Trailer

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