Sunshine & Sausage Rolls!


Find out what the Cranhill  group got up to in their latest Picnic & Play adventure! BALLOCH We had a WONDERFUL trip to BALLOCH with the Cranhill Families! We enjoyed a delicious picnic & throwing PE Shapes which became a GYMNASTICS CHALLENGE with rollie poleys, handstands and more! Feeling energised by the warmth of the sun and a delicious veggie picnic we were all just a bit too tempted having set up camp at the top of the hill to get down on the grass and turn our selves into sausage rolls. With the help of Taz & Andre we got on our marks at the top of the hill all sausage set & ready to ROLL! Prisca & Joy became the most epic olympic sausage roll racers and lots of our pals shared their favourite gymnastic moves before heading down to explore the Loch Lomond Shores, spirits high singing GRANDMA GRANDMA altogether x Thanks for such a lovely day guys Till next time, Emma xxx The Licketyspit Art Gallery! What you said: ‘The magic ball, the mermaid walk, the pirate ship and the food. And that’s a monster. The one that bumped [...]

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A Celebration in the Garden!


Find out what the Cranhill  group got up to in their latest Storyplay adventure!  Week 5 of Porridge & Play Cranhill 2023 Thursday 1st June It was a beautiful Sunny day for the final session of this Porridge & Play block at Cranhill  So we spent the whole session in the garden! We all danced in our circle - and some of us cartwheeled!! We were BIG as BEARS, FAST as HARES and our BIRDS laid our Giant EGGS! We flew high above Glasgow with our Balloons (we saw dinosaurs covered in popcorn & waffles!) and above the whole world. We dressed up as animals - like a Butterfly, a Bison, a unicorn &  2 Giraffes!  We had an amazing Magic Ball adventure unzipping the ball to find we were in water & we needed to SWIM! We met Wolfie’s Potato, Banana, Lago, Mila, Amelia, Biscuit, Chocolate and Tough! They all had extraordinary watches and we forest animals needed to know the time! They had us dancing at 1 o’clock and cycling at 5 o’clock but of course we had to listen out and run away when it was DINNER TIME! We played a magical game all around the Cranhill Ship - sharks and wild octopus tried to catch us! Then we flew back in the Magic Ball for our delicious picnic on our picnic blankets [...]

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A sunny afternoon calls for outdoor imaginary play!


Find out what the Cranhill  group got up to in their latest Storyplay adventure!  Week 4 of Porridge & Play Cranhill 2023 Thursday 25th May The sun was beaming on the Cranhill Pals and the Cranhill Development Trust Garden proved the best outdoor space to play! Everyone felt energised by the heat and the sunlight and smiles abounded, so our dance warm up felt bouncier than ever. Rainbow Trout Chef meets the Genius Chefs Of Cranhill Rainbow Trout Chef needed some bright new ideas to get a new job! Luckily he was visiting Cranhill, home of The Genius Chefs: Chef Melissa, Chef Amazing, Super Hero Chef, Lazy Chef, Chef Coolio, The 2 Blind Chefs, Chef invisible, Chef disaster, French chef, Ninja Chef, Grandma chef, Gymnast chef and the infamous Chef Johnny Johnson. Together they put their culinary genius to work and came up with the wildest cake recipe!  You’ll need the following ingredients: Love and kindness Strawberries Sprinkles and icing Raspberries Gymnastic food Egg Rainbow Chocolate Amazonian Lemons Rainbow sprinkles Butter icing Vanilla Rainbow drops Weetabix Trout fish Flour Banana Baking powder Orange juice And to decorate get plenty of Rainbow icing, Rainbow chocolate, Chocolate, Rainbow webs and Cream! DELICIOSO!!! But after having a slice they found that inside they had baked in… A MAGIC BALL!! Off they went to explore in the Magic Ball [...]

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Deep in the Forest of Cranhill…


Find out what the Cranhill  group got up to in their latest Storyplay adventure!  Week 3 of Porridge & Play Cranhill 2023 Thursday 18th May Glorious Grannies! Grandma Tippy Tippy Shaylin loves reindeer and the animals in the forest. She feeds the animals carrots that she grows herself. Grandma Amelia lives in a pink house made out of wood. She makes pancakes with syrup for breakfast. Miss Granny Smith grows granny smith apples and she puts sweet decorations on her apples - sparkles that you can eat! Her house is made of brick and has a big maple roof. The door is rainbow and the windows are plain black. She has a full farm. She’s got a shed full of cows and foxes and sheep and horses. She feeds her trees apples, cherries, strawberries, and tomatoes! Yes, feeds them! And Grandma Young has a house with clouds for a roof! It has blue doors and rainbow grass. She grows fruit in her garden - her favourite are strawberries! All these glorious Grannies have funny looking trees that when the Grannies are busy turn into naughty monsters! They slowly creep around trying to give the Grannies a wee fright and everyone has wonderful fun. In another part of the forest live the Wee Witches! Their fingers are long and witchy and they love to play chasing [...]

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Weird flamingos and a Horrid Pirate Parade!


Find out what the Cranhill  group got up to in their latest Storyplay adventure!  Week 2 of Porridge & Play Cranhill 2023 Thursday 11th May Our pal the Funky Chicken invited some peculiar animals to Cranhill today! We met: The Cheeky Lion The Dying Fly The Naughty Crocodile The Big Dinosaur The Weird Flamingo  The Cheeky Rabbit The Slippery Cat The Scary Lion And The Giant Crocodile ‘So this is slippery cat that’s what we were playing and this is a wet cat but slippery and that’s why she’s on the floor because she’s slippery. That’s me when I am cat. My favourite thing was…everything!’ We also got experimental concocting the stinkiest, stickiest Mucky Brew with the Cranhill crew! Here’s our formula… A smelly dinosaur egg, mud from a puddle, feathers, sand, mice, butterflies, a poisoned cat, fire, slime, glitter and smelly fish Mucky Me, Mucky You, Mucky Mucky MUCKY BREW! ‘We’re on the pirate ship and its raining and its sunny and there’s a rainbow.’  ‘This was a pirate! With one eye and a spoon arm!’ They all came! Captain Smelly Foot and Captain Super Potato Pirate Olivia and Super Hero Pirate Fashion Pirate, Captain Queen, Queen Shaylin Captain and lots of other horrid looking pirates Ready to take part in the infamous Horrid Pirate Parade! What will next week bring for the fantastic [...]

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Up to the Sky and into the Sea!


Find out what the Cranhill  group got up to in their latest Storyplay adventure!  Week 1 of Porridge & Play Cranhill 2023 Thursday 4th May It was phenomenal to be back in Cranhill again for Thursday family Porridge & Play! We saw lots of our friends from last year and plenty new faces too, including children we'd met at our tasters in Cranhill Primary, Lamlash Nursery and Bellrock Nursery. There were a whopping 80 people! Plus, we were joined by CDT's very own Kayla who will be with us for these sessions, and our new Licketyspit Actor Pedagogue, Steven. We played Funky Chicken and met the.... Cheeky Lion Funny Cat Funky Giraffe Funny Giraffe Crazy Lion and many more animals with groovy some moves! We flew high in the sky in our Flying Balloons and saw a rocket ship! A gingerbread house! A sunset, a dinosaur and a flamingo! Then we swooped down for a dip in the bluest of seas, whoosh, splash, float on your back... We also had some excellent energetic dancing and some very special singing, including Ellie teaching us her fave, Grandma Grandma! And there was a giant Lickety Art Gallery including Shiva's brilliant fold out drawing of a magical balloon that got popped! I wonder what we'll play next? See you all again next time for more Storyplay games & adventures. Bye for [...]

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New film demonstrates the power of Porridge & Play


Monday 27th March Thanks to the National Lottery Community Fund, Licketyspit’s Porridge & Play sessions will be back in 6 Glasgow communities and online for 2023/24. Now in its 7th year, Big Porridge & Play Glasgow will take place in Govan, Maryhill, Whiteinch and online, as well as in Bridgeton, Castlemilk & Cranhill. The east end and Castlemilk groups were started last year as part of the Scottish Government’s New Scots Integration Strategy, and the Lottery have stepped up to fund their continuation. Children and parents highlight the positive impact the sessions have on their confidence, mental health and wellbeing, relationships and sense of belonging, as well as children’s learning and development. “When I come here I feel like you can be you and feel free and you can laugh.” 6 year old, Porridge & Play Castlemilk Scroll down to watch the new film! “First week we came they were very shy but now very good. We all really enjoy this. I have met new friends, our language is better because of this” “Like nothing else we do. Great early drama/improvisation. Lots of imagination. Inclusive and child led!” “You won’t be alone here. I’ll be your friend” “Don’t know where we’d be without this. No-ones judging, there’s lots of acceptance, feel like we’re being brought into the community.” We [...]

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Red Bob the Red Blob and the Grumpy Fairy Godmother


Porridge & Play Cranhill is a Licketyspit Storyplay project for families with 3-8 year olds in the area. Find all of Porridge & Play Cranhill's adventures here! Blog post written by Sarah! We saw lots of stars in Cranhill last week! Wednesday 15th March All of us bravely blasted into space in the Magic Ball and together we space walked with Heather in a strange new atmosphere.... It was light and floaty and made us feel weightless. We tried space-running and bouncing and that felt amazing!  Then suddenly an alien came and spoke to us in a funny beeping language that we’d never heard before, but fortunately, Donald and Mohammed were able to understand that the beeping alien was very hungry. Heather gave her chocolate which she ate very quickly and seemed to like very much, then we gave her cake as well. She really seemed to love sweet treats and after those snacks she seemed very happy and waved goodbye to us as she floated off into the atmosphere! Next we discovered a beach with very soft, warm, pale blue sand that you wanted to wiggle your toes in. Zamn took us to some frozen jellyfish who were looking up at us from the edge of the shore. The frozen jellyfish were all the colours of the rainbow and so beautiful to see. Zamn also [...]

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The Storyplay Festival 2022


The Storyplay Festival was part of our New Scots Integration Project 2021/22 Click here to find out more about the Cranhill, Castlemilk & Bridgeton Hubs who hosted the festival with us. On Saturday 17th September Licketyspit friends old and new gathered for a day that we will never forget. It was the first ever Licketyspit Storyplay Festival, and what a day it was! It was blue skies all round, and the sun shone down on Dassie Park, Glasgow Green. By 9am the Licketyspit team, with help from brilliant volunteers, were busily getting the park ready. Putting up colourful signposts, spotty tablecloths, Storyplay exhibitions… It was set to be a day full of dance, song, picnicking, crafting and most importantly… PLAY!  By 10.45 the Porridge & Play Hubs started to arrive, Castlemilk, Cranhill and Bridgeton. These groups were here to help host the festival with us and each had a designated area with an exhibition displaying their Storyplay adventures over the past year. At 11.30 everyone had arrived, and we were ready to begin. Virginia, Ruby and our Licketyspit Ambassador, Zainab Adeleye welcomed everyone to the festival and warmed us all up with a great big Grandma Grandma! Then one by one the Lickety hubs stood up on the stage and presented their group! The Castlemilk Hub told us how they like to play! [...]

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A year of Storyplay!


Find all of Porridge & Play Cranhill's adventures here! Blog posts are written by Effie! Celebrating Block 3 Thursday 25th August & Thursday 1st September Our last couple of weeks of Porridge & Play Cranhill were wonderful! We learnt so many new games and songs so it was really hard to choose what to share at the Storyplay Festival. Before we even started one session some of us were playing Chiri Udi Kan Uda together! We decided the first game we'd share at the Festival was going to be Willy, Willy, Willy, Willy Oh. Everyone got a chance to say Change your Style or Stay Like That, like Beauty had taught us and there was so much laughter as we tried to trick each other into moving when they weren’t supposed to. A fter that we brought back some of our amazing dance moves from the warm up for a game of Disco Tag! Genesis and Tiwani were so fast it wasn’t long before most of the room was dancing on the spot hoping that someone would come and dance with them to set them free!  Then Shiva chose to play Shaylin’s game Trees and again everyone was having so much fun creeping slowly and even if they got caught moving, it was just as much fun to try and catch someone else moving as it was [...]

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