Family Art Voyage


30th July 2021 Exciting opportunity for Artists to deliver workshops for Licketyspit Children & Families Network Licketyspit children’s theatre & play organisation seeks 6 artists to deliver 3 online workshops for 3-12 year olds and their parents/carers. Developed in close consultation with our Children & Families Network (CFN), Family Art Voyage seeks to take families on a shared voyage of creative discovery, in the familiar, supportive setting of their Licketyspit Porridge & Play group. We are looking for artists from a wide range of disciplines who have exuberance, strong social skills, a commitment to children’s human rights and a passion for social justice and equal access to the arts. CFN Children have expressed a particular enthusiasm for rap, chalk art, collage, dance and music but we are open to all artforms & workshop proposals that can be delivered effectively to this intergenerational age-group via Zoom. Successful applicants will receive a 2-hour training session in Licketyspit’s Children’s Rights-based ‘Storyplay’ approach to child and family engagement and Licketyspit’s Children’s Rights Guide for Artists. Session delivery must be rights-based and you will be supported by 2 of Licketyspit’s experienced Actor-Pedagogues. Please email for full job description & application. Deadline for applications, Monday 30th August at 11pm. Funded by Awards for All. Previous Feedback Feedback from Family Art Voyage [...]

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Margaret & Magnus at the Museum!


28th July 2021 In May 2020, we were meant to be running a Picnic & Play session at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh. Unfortunately, when the Pandemic hit, this was one activity we couldn't take least not immediately. Ever the innovators, the Licketyspit team starting to hatch a plan with the Engagement Team at the Museum of Scotland to create a virtual alternative. After some time (and a few more lockdowns) at the start of July 2021 we finally got to the museum with Aaron Films and the NMS Engagement team... "Margaret & Magnus at the National Museum of Scotland!" We're so excited to be making this Storyplay film introducing you to the magic of imaginary play at the museum. Drawing on the Margaret characters in LicketyLeap and the Exploring with Jack series, the film stars Margaret (Taz) and Magnus (Andre) who find themselves transported to a strange and ancient land in the Magic Map. There they find some fabulous Storyplay Champions from our Children & Families Network, who joined the set via Zoom with the wonderful Iona. We're so excited to share the adventure they had with you once the film is ready. In the meantime, here are some photos giving you a sneak preview! Survey: [...]

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Picnic & Play at the Dream Machine


29th Feb 2020 We had an incredibly busy Picnic & Play at the Dream Machine with 58 people!* However, it was wonderful to introduce so many new families to Lickety Play and have so many people from different backgrounds (over 5 different languages!) meeting and playing confidently and enthusiastically together. In Funky Chicken we met the Quacking Duck Duck, the Cheeky Cheetah,  the Meowing Cat and the Cheaty Minecraft! We saw princesses in towers, purple boats, football stadiums, cars, friends going to college and in the garden from our Flying Balloons and met Granny Ann and Granny Conor, Granny Harley, Granny Maddison and Granny Mohamed in their tree-houses, mansions and houses in the forest of Monster Trees! Hello My Name is Joe was excellent, with lots of laughter! All the food went down well, and we even managed to share a small plate of leftover fruit with The Space's cafe team and visitors. We know some people were a little disappointed not to go into the Dream room itself on Saturday. Unfortunately because of a shortage of staff at the venue, that wasn't possible this time, but there are lots of other free & pay what you can activities on at the Dream Machine! Do go and discover it another day and tell us what you think! Visit their website here or find them on Facebook here. *(Admittedly the room was a bit [...]

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