Picnic & Play at The Tall Ship!

Yo ho yo ho! Lots to explore.. above & below!

It wasnae a dark n stormy night for our motley jelly headed crew! 

Excited our friends gathered below deck on the Tall Ship…

We played games & sang some of our favourites songs including Grandma Grandma

and then….


in true licketyspit style fashioning eyepatches from pairs of tights & hooks from an old skirt

We got to meet Nabillah’s ‘Captain Spider’ and then took it in turns to make sure the crew was in ship shape, scrubbing the deck, cooking food, walking the plank! 

 3, 2, 1, AAAAAHHHH

After all that work we were ready to tuck into our delicious picnic before a big explore on the top deck! Bread, cheese, tomatoes, chocolate muffins washed down with tea & squash! 

Mohammed rang the bell & Annabel spotted a frog on the Clyde!

Yo ho yo ho

It’s a pirates life for all of us here at Licketyspit, 

Till next time me hartys!

Emma, Andre, Colette & Virginia xxx

What you said:

Thanks for playing with us, see you soon!

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