Sunshine & Sausage Rolls!

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Find out what the Cranhill  group got up to in their latest Picnic & Play adventure!


We had a WONDERFUL trip to BALLOCH with the Cranhill Families!

We enjoyed a delicious picnic & throwing PE Shapes which became a GYMNASTICS CHALLENGE with rollie poleys, handstands and more!

Feeling energised by the warmth of the sun and a delicious veggie picnic we were all just a bit too tempted having set up camp at the top of the hill to get down on the grass and turn our selves into sausage rolls.

With the help of Taz & Andre we got on our marks at the top of the hill all sausage set & ready to ROLL!

Prisca & Joy became the most epic olympic sausage roll racers and lots of our pals shared their favourite gymnastic moves before heading down to explore the Loch Lomond Shores, spirits high singing GRANDMA GRANDMA altogether x

Thanks for such a lovely day guys

Till next time,

Emma xxx

The Licketyspit Art Gallery!

What you said:

‘The magic ball, the mermaid walk, the pirate ship and the food. And that’s a monster. The one that bumped into our ship and it went swimming down’ 

Artist Ryan

‘It’s the magic egg’ (she saw it on our journey!) Favourite bit – being outside, swimming in the ocean

Artist Genesis

‘This is when we were outside and everyone took a picture and thats the park and this here there’s a big mouth and a big heart that’s red’ (it’s us outside today). ‘This is a magic egg and this is the magic ball and this is magic ball wand. The heart is red because its a vampire teeth about to eat everybody’

Artist Shaylin

‘It’s a love heart and eyes in there and a wee circle there and a hammer and this bit is his mouth and its heart shaped. That’s a big duck.’ 

Artist Jack

‘So this is everyone and our magic ball and this is our pirate ship without the pirates and that’s it. And the sun cause we don’t have the sun normally and the sea’ Favourite bit – magic ball

Artist Shivaun

‘That was supposed to be me when I was a mermaid coming out of the sea’ Favourite bit – spending time with Licketyspit!!

Artist Amber

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