St Martha’s P1 Session 3


Tuesday 10th March 2020 In our third session with Primary One we all created Funky Chicken Animals and got a ride on a Dragon's back to a nearby lake where we went for a swim! We met the Running Zebra,  Nice Tiger, Happy Cat, Silly Giraffe, Friendly Shark and so many other animals - everyone created one! We flew off in our balloons - with suggestions we might see the beach, the jungle, aliens, cats.....! Mrs Reid saw the river and we saw some of our families and pets. Then a dragon flew over and let us climb on his back and we flew to the shores of a lake by a beach. It was an island covered in white flowers! Harry saw some ducks living on the island, Harlow saw crabs. Everyone swam in the lake and we found a statue and a rainbow treasure chest. Darceigh found the key! There were sharks too - eek! We all ate macaroni cheese, ice cream and juice handed out by different children.  Then we made the silk back into a dragon and flew back to school. We dressed up as aliens and astronauts and then turned on all the buttons in the button factory in Hello My Name is Joe. And then we made a delicious cake in Let's Bake a Cake. Full of strawberries, raspberries, watermelon, ice-cream and chocolate! Primary One's [...]

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St Martha’s P4/3 Session 2


Tuesday 10th March 2020 We had our second STORYPLAY session with the creative and energetic P4/3 class at St Martha’s on Tuesday, which was our first session with Mrs McAuley! The class were buzzing with new animal creations in the Funky Chicken! Arran showed us his Crazy Turtle! Ciaran told us about the Nosey Dog who had a great sense of smell… Sniff Sniff Sniff and Feras delighted us all with his Silly Chicken Donkey which was a Funky Chicken first! Keep an eye out for all your Funky Chicken drawings in the next few weeks… Ruby reminded us all about what our body parts are called in the Ickerickeroo! We have our Brain Boxer and our Eee-Peepers. What were the other body parts we learned on Tuesday? Can you remember? We introduced the class to Witches Fingers, and this was very popular! We met Witch Desire who had a very scary witchy cackle and we also met Witch Mrs McAuley who was very popular with the class! Our game of Witches Fingers opened up our creative imaginations and we all dressed up in our best Witchy costumes! Witch Ruby then welcome us all to the 2020 Witch Convention! Witch Ciaran jumped into a cauldron and his potion allowed him to travel all over the world! Witch Mohammad showed off his teleportation skills and Witch Myia flew over the [...]

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St Martha’s P2 Session 2


Tuesday 3rd March 2020 We had a fantastic second session with P2 at St Martha’s today! After our fantastic warm up we met the Funky Chicken and Eldana introduced us to the Angry Cat, with Kristian we met the Roaring Dragon, Shapina introduced us to the Happy Unicorn and Brayden showed us all the Rainbow Zebra. We went flying in our balloons and then we learnt some new names for parts of our body the Brain Boxer, Lug Listeners, Chest Wheezer and Knee knockers – can you remember any more? Then we all dressed up as Pirates and met Captain Motaz, Captain Maisie, Captain Miss Gregory and Captain Kara who made sure we scrubbed the deck, and climbed the rigging! Finally we finished with an adventure in the magic ball... We headed off to Spain but it was so hot we needed sunscreen, and sun hats and sun glasses. Dora led us to the shade of a great big tent made of leaves. We ate pizza, and ice-cream then had orange and blackcurrant juice. Then we felt cool enough to explore again, we found some lovely sand – it was an Oasis! We laid down and listened to the sound of water and to the animals all around us. Daisy heard a snake slithering through the sand and then we all heard a big bird cawing at us to [...]

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St Martha’s P1 Session 2


Tuesday 3rd March 2020 We had a wonderful second session of STORYPLAY with Primary 1 where we went to Jamaica in the Magic Ball, Sent a Letter to our loves and learned some unusual new names for the body! In Ickerickeroo we learned some Scots inspired names of the body  - our Brain Boxer, Knee Knockers, Bread Basket and more! We met the Shy dragon unicorn, Silly Dog, Gentle Horse, Funny Dragon & Scared Lion! We met some Pirate captains who go us to run to Port! Starboard! Climb the Rigging and Drink our Grog! Went to outer space again in the Magic Ball! The children passed out space hats & boots. We climbed up a tunnel in a cave to a dragon's lair. Some people didn't want to so hung back with Ruby. Ella became princess and invited everyone to her pink tower castle for a drink of juice! She asked her pet dragon if it would give us a ride. Lots of the children became the dragon and others lots from the dragons back, including an elephant playing under a waterfall, and another, bad dragon! "That was wonderful, so insightful. It was lovely to see the different ideas and the engagement as well. I thought you were really good at always using their ideas in class and in the session as well." Teacher [...]

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St Martha’s P4/3 Session 1


Tuesday 3rd March 2020 Today we had our first STORYPLAY session with an excitable and wonderfully creative P4/3 class at St Martha’s! What a session Ruby and Jack had with the group! We met some of the Funky Chicken’s newest friends. Desire introduced us to the Funky Giraffe and Myia said hello to the Funny Swan who had a great dance to go with it! I think there were lots of animals we could have thought of and we look forward to hearing more next week… Our Flying Balloons took us high above Glasgow and the world where we saw Brian’s Dad painting all the walls in his house! We saw the Statue of Liberty and Kalieb managed to see a football stadium at exactly the right time for someone to score a goaaaaalllllllll! Yes! We met GrandmaGrandma sick in bed, and then we met a few other Grandma’s who told us all about where they live. Grandma Alexis's Rainbow castle and Grandma Ciaran's  homegrown tomatoes in his beautiful garden down by the forest! I think we saw some of the most creative trees we’ve ever seen… Our Magic Ball took us around the world, and we landed in Jamaica... The heat and the sun were too much for us to handle and we searched far and wide for some shade to protect us from the beaming sun! Thankfully [...]

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St Martha’s P3/2 Session 1


Tuesday 25th February 2020 We had a fantastic first session of STORYPLAY with Primary 3/2 at St Martha's Primary this week! We introduced our playcard games to a very enthusiastic class! Lots of the children made up their own Funky Chicken animals including and Angry Sheep, a Snapping Dog and a Happy Cow. When we flew high in our balloons we flew so far we could see volcanoes, tigers, monkeys and even some gorillas searching for their food. We all loved getting dressed up and posing for some fantastic photos and then we visited Granny in the forest and Granny Shay told us all about the cheese he grew in his garden outside his big blue castle. Finally in the Magic Ball… We arrived somewhere very hot. It was Africa!! We had to use some fans to cool ourselves down and then we went exploring, we saw tigers, and pythons and then we saw.. a kangaroo! We wondered what the Kangaroo was going all the way in Africa so we followed him, bouncing around until we found a green hill to rest on. We tried to nap but the sun was still so bright so we got up and found a tunnel leading into a cave. Inside the cave we found a huge bird who let us climb on their wings and took as flying out the cave and [...]

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St Martha’s P2 Session 1


Tuesday 25th February 2020 What an exciting day we had at St Martha’s STORYPLAY on Tuesday! We met the P2’s for the very first time and introduced a brilliant and creative class to our Playcard Play sessions! We made ourselves as Big as a Bear and as Fast as a Hare! Can you remember any of the animals we pretended to be?! We got to know the Funky Chicken and Dayle told us about the Stomping Dinosaur! Sumia introduced us to the Angry Cheetah and Motaz welcomed the Scary Tiger! We had a great time meeting Blaine’s Laughing Rhino too! We took a trip high in the sky in Flying Balloons and we saw some amazing things down below. Karam luckily warned us about the Rocket launch and we safely watched it from our balloons! Phew! Kristian saw his Dad, Brother and Grandma in Trinidad and Tobago and we all waved at them from our Balloons! Aleen’s balloon took her high above Syria and Brayden showed us the giant stomping through the river trying to catch the Pirate Ship sailing on the seven seas! The class cackled liked a witch! Mwhahahahaaaa! And they ran away when our Witches drank a bottle of… POISON! Ruby told the class all about her Grandma and we learned a new song and some new dance moves! Can you remember how the song goes? [...]

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St Martha’s P1 Session 1


Tuesday 25th February 2020 We had a fantastic first session of STORYPLAY with Primary 1 at St Martha's Primary this week! Primary One and Mrs Reid all threw themselves into the start of the Storyplay residency on Tuesday! We were all as BIG as a BEAR and as FAST as a HARE! We did the Flying Allacorn, the Scary Lion, the Silly Crocodile, the Angry Bee & the Funky Chicken! We all flew high over Glasgow and the world in our multi-coloured Flying Balloons – before the Naughty Seagull popped them! We saw dragons flying past the moon! We dressed ourselves up in fabulous costumes! Mrs Reid and children were Witches and we met some marvellous grannies living in castles in the forest keeping an eye out for the Monster trees! (Granny Hannah showed us her home-made pickled onions!). We travelled to Jupiter in the Magic Ball, put on our flying capes and met an alien in a cave where we ate mushrooms and ice-cream! We helped another alien fix her spaceship. We had a picnic and we jumped into a crater and fell down into the sea to swim! It just shows that in our imaginations we can be anyone, go anywhere and do anything and that all we need to play like this is each other! We had a fantastic Lickety Art Gallery! [...]

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Storyplay is Starting at Miltonbank & St Martha’s!


18th February 2020 We are very excited to be starting STORYPLAY at Miltonbank Primary later this month and St Martha's Primary at the start of March! Virginia has already met the teachers and delivered Storyplay CPD. We'll be doing LicketyLeap and Porridge & Play with families at Miltonbank and Playcard Play at both schools, with Celebration Assemblies planned for the last week of March. Visit the Miltonbank and St Martha's Storyplay pages for more details of what we’re doing at your school and blog updates once we've started! To find out more about Storyplay, click here. To join the Children & Families Network return the form to school or join online here.

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