St Martha’s P2 Session 1

Tuesday 25th February 2020

What an exciting day we had at St Martha’s STORYPLAY on Tuesday! We met the P2’s for the very first time and introduced a brilliant and creative class to our Playcard Play sessions!

We made ourselves as Big as a Bear and as Fast as a Hare! Can you remember any of the animals we pretended to be?!

We got to know the Funky Chicken and Dayle told us about the Stomping Dinosaur! Sumia introduced us to the Angry Cheetah and Motaz welcomed the Scary Tiger! We had a great time meeting Blaine’s Laughing Rhino too!

We took a trip high in the sky in Flying Balloons and we saw some amazing things down below. Karam luckily warned us about the Rocket launch and we safely watched it from our balloons! Phew! Kristian saw his Dad, Brother and Grandma in Trinidad and Tobago and we all waved at them from our Balloons! Aleen’s balloon took her high above Syria and Brayden showed us the giant stomping through the river trying to catch the Pirate Ship sailing on the seven seas!

The class cackled liked a witch! Mwhahahahaaaa! And they ran away when our Witches drank a bottle of… POISON! Ruby told the class all about her Grandma and we learned a new song and some new dance moves! Can you remember how the song goes? Grandma Grandma sick in bed…

Some drawings & quotes from the Licketyspit Art Gallery!

You can see all the children’s Reflective Drawings on our Facebook page here.

That’s the elephant, and I saw that from the balloons! it was trying to put water on a person, the person was cold! the elephant was in the jungle! Balloons was our favourite game! I also liked the magic ball, I liked the snakes on our adventure!


The angry lion and the giant who was chasing the pirate ship and that’s the pirate ship and that’s me running fast and that’s the snake and the frog! And that’s the eagle which popped our balloons!


That’s me putting on my costume! and that’s me when I didn’t have my costume on! My favourite game was dressing up and it made me feel nice because I made my own head scarf!


Thats the balloon game and a golden sword and a diamond sword! That’s where I found the frog! They were both magic swords so I made another sword. I found them in the magic ball!


I drew the balloons above the school, I saw a dinosaur, I saw a child underneath me, they were screaming for help!


We then took the most incredible journey in the Magic Ball.

Starting in the library the Magic Ball took us where we wanted to go, landing all the way in the hot hot hot Sahara Desert. As we landed, we must have disturbed a desert snake and we decided to follow it, getting down on to our stomachs and crawling along in the sand trying not to disturb the snake! Eventually we found him, and the Snake was very very unhappy because he had a sore tummy! However, some quick thinking from Maisey who could luckily speak snake, saw us all feed the snake some cooling ice cream, which made him very happy! The snake ate so much ice cream that he needed to have a long lie down and we carried on with our journey. As we made our way through the Sahara Desert, we found an Oasis with a beautiful pool of cooling water and we all went for a swim, some us even went surfing! As we all finished swimming, out hopped a mystical desert frog and Kristian had to speak his best frog language (he assures us he can speak to all animals) to help the frog fill up the oasis with more water to make sure there was enough for all the animals in the Sahara! As we made our way back to the Magic Ball, we all found different magic objects to take home with us and to take on all our Magic Ball adventures in the future! What an exciting journey we had. Remember you can take the magic ball with you wherever you are in the world!

You can see all the children’s Reflective Drawings on our Facebook page here.

We can’t wait to get up to more adventures in the coming weeks!

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