St Martha’s P1 Session 1

Tuesday 25th February 2020

We had a fantastic first session of STORYPLAY with Primary 1 at St Martha’s Primary this week!

Primary One and Mrs Reid all threw themselves into the start of the Storyplay residency on Tuesday!

We were all as BIG as a BEAR and as FAST as a HARE!

We did the Flying Allacorn, the Scary Lion, the Silly Crocodile, the Angry Bee & the Funky Chicken!

We all flew high over Glasgow and the world in our multi-coloured Flying Balloons – before the Naughty Seagull popped them! We saw dragons flying past the moon! We dressed ourselves up in fabulous costumes! Mrs Reid and children were Witches and we met some marvellous grannies living in castles in the forest keeping an eye out for the Monster trees! (Granny Hannah showed us her home-made pickled onions!).

We travelled to Jupiter in the Magic Ball, put on our flying capes and met an alien in a cave where we ate mushrooms and ice-cream! We helped another alien fix her spaceship. We had a picnic and we jumped into a crater and fell down into the sea to swim!

It just shows that in our imaginations we can be anyone, go anywhere and do anything and that all we need to play like this is each other!

We had a fantastic Lickety Art Gallery!

You can read some of the children’s words below and see all the drawings in a P1 album on our Facebook page. Click here to see it!

“That’s Lily, that’s me, that’s Millie, and that’s Harlow and Logan. That’s the green cave on the planet. Friendly alien, gave us mushrooms and ice-cream. Tasted good. That was my favourite. I saw fish in the sea, they were gold.”


“That’s the ice-cream and another one, this one is strawberry and this is chocolate and the sun. I liked all of them. I want to play the tree one again.This is two more chocolate ice-cream. I think I was 4 when I played before. I felt good playing.”


“It’s a castle from grandma game. Pink, yellow, red , purple, silver. Those are clouds. Rapunzel lives in the castle. She has long hair and lives at the top. I liked that game the best. Felt happy.”


“I’m protecting unicorn land, that’s my magic ball. That’s the unicorns house and that’s the tree in the back garden. Unicorn land is magic. It’s white, it’s calm. I liked the creeping monster game. Just a little bit scared by the monsters.”


“This was the magic ball, that’s all the people that played today. That’s the sun. Very sunny. That’s the X marks the Spot, like a map.”


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