St Martha’s P3/2 Session 1

Tuesday 25th February 2020

We had a fantastic first session of STORYPLAY with Primary 3/2 at St Martha’s Primary this week!

We introduced our playcard games to a very enthusiastic class!

Lots of the children made up their own Funky Chicken animals including and Angry Sheep, a Snapping Dog and a Happy Cow.

When we flew high in our balloons we flew so far we could see volcanoes, tigers, monkeys and even some gorillas searching for their food.

We all loved getting dressed up and posing for some fantastic photos and then we visited Granny in the forest and Granny Shay told us all about the cheese he grew in his garden outside his big blue castle.

Finally in the Magic Ball… We arrived somewhere very hot. It was Africa!! We had to use some fans to cool ourselves down and then we went exploring, we saw tigers, and pythons and then we saw.. a kangaroo! We wondered what the Kangaroo was going all the way in Africa so we followed him, bouncing around until we found a green hill to rest on. We tried to nap but the sun was still so bright so we got up and found a tunnel leading into a cave. Inside the cave we found a huge bird who let us climb on their wings and took as flying out the cave and all around until we landed near a lake. We all took turns swimming and then it started to get dark so it was time to head back to the magic ball and back home to St Martha’s!

We can go anywhere with our imaginations – all we need to play is each other!

We had a fantastic Lickety Art Gallery!

You can see all the drawings in a P3/2 album on our Facebook page. Click here to see it!

Some of the children’s words are below – they had lots to say about their first Playcard Play experience 🙂

Riley: that’s me and i’m about to go in the magic ball and its all camo and these are the zips. I liked the magic ball best. I’d like to go to Australia. We went to Africa and saw a kangaroo and a cave and then we went to sleep with the kangaroo then went swimming, swimming was the best bit. I also liked the cheeky monkey. I felt good playing like this.

Adanna: dress I was wearing I really liked it and i drew the magic ball because i really liked it really much. It was feat because we went to Africa and saw kangaroos, i’d like to go to Nigeria. I liked monsters footsteps. Felt really excited.

Louie: I liked when we were on the water but so I decided to draw that. That’s the clothes, the dressing up ones. That was when we were with the kangaroo, that was when we were on the mattress sleeping. That’s the magic ball and us inside. (Miss M, what’s one thing you’ve learned? – Kangaroos live in Australia.). I felt good.

Zipporah: that’s the tiger, we saw in Africa. That’s a happy face. It’s me. I liked the lion most. I liked the monsters trees. Felt good and excited when I was playing

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