Licketyspit at the Refugee Festival Scotland!


We went to the Scottish Refugee Festival!! Saturday 18th June We had a wonderful Licketyspit Picnic & Play to celebrate the Scottish Refugee Festival in Elder Park on Saturday 18th June with 14 families from all over the city – and all over the world! It was a blustery sunny day. The early birds had a hilarious time with Effie singing Old Roger is Dead & inventing millions of new verses and new characters for Jelly on his Head! Adeelah gave us Violet with Chewing gum in her mouth! Mohammad gave us Freddie with eggs on her ears! We had far too many to remember! Azalea with butter on her nose!  Melody with carrots on her nose! Flower with rolls in her nose! Jeff with sausages in his ears! Wendy with apple pit in her mouth! Nachos in someone’s eyes! Max with birthday cake in his mouth! many!  When everyone else arrived, we did BIG as a BEAR – which was BIG as there were 41 of us! We also played Funky Chicken and a raucous Grandma Grandma. Raucous means making or aiding in creating a really loud noise! Then we Dressed Up for our Magic Ball Adventure. Jainaba set up the Magic Ball for everyone. When we finally arrived and unzipped the magic ball to see where we'd arrived we stepped out into ‘0h gravity …wooooooo! ….we were in space! [...]

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Training Women’s Aid workers in Storyplay


17th December 2021 In 2020, Scottish Women’s Aid (SWA) approached Licketyspit to explore a collaboration: ‘When I heard more about Licketyspit all I could think about was how few tools we’ve had (in WA) based on joy and play and love and excitement and art and music and all of the thing to allow us to express emotions and not only get them out but also share them in a really meaningful way with the people we love.’ Marsha Scott CEO SWA In Feb 2021 Licketyspit introduced Storyplay to 30+ Women’s Aid Workers – who immediately understood how they could use this imaginary play-based approach and methodology – “(Storyplay is) a great way to create empathy and connect with a child …who may be unable to understand their feelings & responses / (of) helping Mums and children build a shared experience and address difficult issues” Women's Aid Workers Feb '21 SWA approached Scottish Government to support an innovative collaboration between Scottish Women' Aid and Licketyspit. Last week the first Women’s Aid workers –from Wigtown to Shetland - completed an intensive 5-week online Licketyspit Storyplay Training programme - with flying colours! Storyplay is not as easy as it looks. Learning to facilitate it is to embark on a journey of learning, self-reflection and bold experiment! The WA workers all described a similar experience, initially feeling out of [...]

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Women’s Aid Storyplay Scotland


29th September 2021 Licketyspit and Scottish Women’s Aid are excited to offer a free place on to our upcoming Storyplay training course to member Women’s Aid groups across Scotland. Following a very successful introductory session in February, Women’s Aid Storyplay Scotland will provide in-depth Storyplay training to Women’s Aid Workers to use Storyplay as an additional approach in their work with mothers, children and young people recovering from domestic abuse. Storyplay offers a children’s rights-based approach to social interaction and relationship building through structured, joyful, imaginary play. This highly developed, tried and tested approach and toolkit will support workers to work with mothers and children together, nurturing creativity, confidence, relationships, confident parenting, physical and mental wellbeing, resilience, love and happiness. Training will be led by Licketyspit’s Artistic Director Virginia Radcliffe, alongside skilled Licketyspit Lead-Actor-Pedagogues who will train you and support you in sessions with your clients. Evaluations of the Storyplay approach demonstrate that this is an empowering approach for participants and workers . Storyplay demonstrates  a consistently high impact on children and adults’ confidence, social skills, emotional literacy and resilience, and use & knowledge of language and introduces a rich way of playing that mothers and children can build into their lives. Workers will learn to facilitate a wide range of Storyplay activities, including group imaginary play, games, rhymes, songs and reflective drawing. You will also be supported [...]

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Picnic & Play Spring 2020


16th January 2020 The Spring 2020 Picnic & Play Programme is here! With sessions at the Dream Machine, Hidden Gardens, Museum of Scotland and more, we can't wait to see you for imaginary play and exploration in some of the most exciting arts and culture venues in Edinburgh and Glasgow. FULL PROGRAMME BELOW! Picnic & Play sessions bring families in Licketyspit's Children & Families Network (CFN) together to play the popular, familiar Lickety Playcard games, rhymes, songs and dressing up, share a delicious, healthy picnic and do reflective drawing. Families will meet a member of staff at the venue who will tell them about the opportunities there, invite them to explore the venue after the session, feel at home - and come back soon! Read about recent sessions & see pics on our blog. This spring we are playing at:  Community Central Halls Sunday 9th February 12.00am - 2.30pm 292-316 Maryhill Road, G20 7YE This session is now FULL. Please get in touch if you would like to join the waiting list. Dream Machine, Glasgow Saturday 29th February 12pm - 2.30pm The Space, 257 London Road, G40 1PE If you would like to come, please let us know by Friday 21st Feb. We will confirm if we are able to offer you spaces :) See pics from our Big Porridge & Play [...]

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IPAY Talk in Philadelphia


Licketyspit goes to Philadelphia! On 15th January 2019, Virginia was part of a Scottish Children’s Theatre delegation to the IPAY International Showcase. International Performing Arts for Youth (IPAY) brings together specialist children’s theatre companies and venues from around the world. Licketyspit was supported by Imaginate and Creative Scotland to participate in the conference and explore possibilities for touring our shows in America. Our featured show was Hare & Tortoise, Virginia Radcliffe and Deborah Arnott’s fantastic adaptation of Aesop’s fable. Featuring the Bun Brothers, Mrs Doodah and the Spooky Wood! With original music by Tim Brinkhurst and unforgettable songs by Virginia and Deborah, Hare & Tortoise is a universally loved show for the whole family. Below is what Virginia said, and the accompanying slide show... Licketyspit was founded in 2004 out of my work over the previous three-years leading Scotland’s first dedicated early years theatre project. We develop our work through playing and talkingwith 3-7 year olds. We perform to 0-12s and adults making early years children the focus of a gregarious inclusive audience. Licketyspit currently has a repertoire of 7 original children’s plays: Molly Whuppie–is a 300 year old story about a Scottish super-hero girl, a King and a giant. Quangle Wangle–is aplay about friendship based on Edward Lear’s poems The Jumblies & the Quangle Wangle’s Hat! Wee Witches–is a funny and powerful story about generosity & persecution Magic [...]

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