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29th September 2021

Licketyspit and Scottish Women’s Aid are excited to offer a free place on to our upcoming Storyplay training course to member Women’s Aid groups across Scotland.

Following a very successful introductory session in February, Women’s Aid Storyplay Scotland will provide in-depth Storyplay training to Women’s Aid Workers to use Storyplay as an additional approach in their work with mothers, children and young people recovering from domestic abuse.

Storyplay offers a children’s rights-based approach to social interaction and relationship building through structured, joyful, imaginary play.

This highly developed, tried and tested approach and toolkit will support workers to work with mothers and children together, nurturing creativity, confidence, relationships, confident parenting, physical and mental wellbeing, resilience, love and happiness.

Training will be led by Licketyspit’s Artistic Director Virginia Radcliffe, alongside skilled Licketyspit Lead-Actor-Pedagogues who will train you and support you in sessions with your clients. Evaluations of the Storyplay approach demonstrate that this is an empowering approach for participants and workers . Storyplay demonstrates  a consistently high impact on children and adults’ confidence, social skills, emotional literacy and resilience, and use & knowledge of language and introduces a rich way of playing that mothers and children can build into their lives.

Workers will learn to facilitate a wide range of Storyplay activities, including group imaginary play, games, rhymes, songs and reflective drawing. You will also be supported to put this learning into practice and provide a rich new experience for your clients.

Great way to create empathy and connect with a child who may be reluctant or unable to understand their feelings and responses

Women's Aid Worker, Introductory Session, February 2021

It will help mums and children build a shared experience and address difficult issues

Women's Aid Worker, Introductory Session, February 2021
I loved loved loved this approach,  thank you so much for sharing with us.
Women's Aid Worker, Introductory Session, February 2021

Women’s Aid workers will receive a link to sign up for this training opportunity via Scottish Women’s Aid.

Virginia Radcliffe, Artistic Director at Licketyspit:

“Storyplay nurtures creativity, confidence, social skills, friendships, emotional literacy, family and community equality, resilience, language, integration, multi-culturalism, confident parenting, physical and mental wellbeing, love, happiness and positivity.

“Facilitating play like this is not as easy as it looks. It takes time and work but develops life-enhancing, life-long skills which we hope will have a real positive impact both for you and for the mothers and children you support.

“Licketyspit is privileged, excited and confident about embarking on this bold and innovative collaboration with Scottish Women’s Aid professionals from across Scotland.”

Dr. Marsha Scott, Chief Executive of Scottish Women’s Aid:

“This programme is an innovative and creative resource that is designed to assist mothers and their children recover and rebuild after experiencing domestic abuse.

“We are really excited to be working with the Licketyspit team in one of the few programmes out there that works with mothers and children congruently in a way that grows confidence and nurtures the relationship, but is also engaging and creative.

“This is sure to be an incredible tool for Women’s Aid groups across Scotland in supporting women, children and young people recovering from domestic abuse.”

A Storyplay Champion Mum:

“It really has a good impact on them, it really really helps them, its helped them to communicate with other friends through the programme. They are able to do a lot of things, they are able to have confidence in their selves again. They really enjoy every bit of it.” Mum, Cardonald, Porridge & Play Online

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