Licketyspit at the Refugee Festival Scotland!

Virginia's Diary

We went to the Scottish Refugee Festival!!

Saturday 18th June

We had a wonderful Licketyspit Picnic & Play to celebrate the Scottish Refugee Festival in Elder Park on Saturday 18th June with 14 families from all over the city – and all over the world!

It was a blustery sunny day. The early birds had a hilarious time with Effie singing Old Roger is Dead & inventing millions of new verses and new characters for Jelly on his Head!

Adeelah gave us Violet with Chewing gum in her mouth! Mohammad gave us Freddie with eggs on her ears! We had far too many to remember!

Azalea with butter on her nose! 

Melody with carrots on her nose!

Flower with rolls in her nose!

Jeff with sausages in his ears!

Wendy with apple pit in her mouth!

Nachos in someone’s eyes!

Max with birthday cake in his mouth!….so many! 

When everyone else arrived, we did BIG as a BEAR – which was BIG as there were 41 of us!

We also played Funky Chicken and a raucous Grandma Grandma.

Raucous means making or aiding in creating a really loud noise!

Then we Dressed Up for our Magic Ball Adventure. Jainaba set up the Magic Ball for everyone. When we finally arrived and unzipped the magic ball to see where we’d arrived we stepped out into ‘0h gravity …wooooooo! ….we were in space!

We explored our surroundings and suddenly came upon a sad alienMohammad translated her for us – so we made a spaceship & with the Alien safely on board, we blasted off into space!

Through the window of the ship Maryam saw a Tiger flying past! Nusaibah saw Mars, then we saw the Sun and Jupiter the Blue Planet! When we landed we gave the Alien some food before we jumped back into the Magic Ball to take us – Where we set off from!’ and we soon arrived back into the park for our delicious picnic of falafels and fruit and bread and Victoria’s delicious chicken and plantain!

Lickety Mum Victoria made delicious chicken and plantain which everyone loved! 

We reflected on how lucky Scotland is to have refugees from around the world who are making this their home and how much more exciting everyone’s world and Storyplay can be when we can experience the perspectives of families from so many different cultures!

Thank you to everyone who came!

Hope to see you again soon!


Virginia, Effie and all of us at Licketyspit!