Storyplay For The Planet with Cranhill Primary!!


Welcome to the Storyplay For The Planet blog, where we share the stories of all the adventures we've had! Get in touch to find out how to join. We went to Cranhill Primary on Friday 12th November for the first session of our Storyplay for the Planet!  We got to meet loads of wonderful children and their grown ups! As well as some of the fantastic teachers at the school that let us come and play with them! In this session we started out by being as BIG as a BEAR! Which meant we got to meet loads of animal friends that live on our planet. Then we got to know the Funky Chicken! All the children and grown ups got to show us their animal. Which included a sleepy elephant 🐘  and a snappy snake 🐍 We got to sing about Grandma and then blow up our balloons and travel all over the WORLD! What a great adventure it was! 'I loved that when I was thinking of things to see below all the ideas were so amazing and I realised we could make up anything at all!' Headteacher Flying Balloons We started off by exploring in our sock and you'll never guess what we found?! Why, we found a balloon! But, not just [...]

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Hare & Tortoise Audio-Show


Hare & Tortoise Audio-Show Online Sunday 10th May 2020 “Hare will be there! Yeah, yeah, yeah!”  “Go Tortoise go! Don’t be slow!" We're very excited to be sharing the audio-show version of Hare & Tortoise in 9 Episodes on our website! 🕖 EVERY NIGHT @ 7pm from 10th-18th May on our Facebook Page. Tortoise challenges boastful Hare to a race, but who will win this famous contest? Adapted from Aesop’s classic fable, Licketyspit’s  Hare & Tortoise is a hilarious, highly energetic and imaginative piece of interactive theatre. Bake the race cake with the Bun Brothers, try and survive a night in the spooky wood with a ukulele and cheer on the contestants! “…wit, resourcefulness, nimble imagination, and a heartwarming attention to the kind of teensy wee details that add magic and surprises to the narrative… nuances of cartoon capers, nursery rhymes, slapstick silliness, and opportunities for vociferous audience participation… with audiences the clear winners all the way.”  “All you need is a washing basket shell and a pair of red tights! Our children were mesmerised.”  LISTEN NOW! Trailer The Audio-Show version is performed by Virginia Radcliffe and Deborah Arnott with music by Tim Brinkhurst. To find videos, games and other activities to do at home during the Coronavirus Lockdown click [...]

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The Story of Mr Hedgehog & Mrs McFroggy


Thursday 30th April 2020 Molly was thrilled to get some help with her story from P4 at Oakwood! In this video from Molly's Den, she reads the endings of the story written by Ava and Darryn. If anyone else has written an ending to the story or drawn any pictures we would love to see them too! (Iona's pretending to be Molly Whuppie - hehehe!) Big Porridge & Play Easterhouse To find videos, games and other activities to do at home during the Coronavirus Lockdown click here. JOIN the Children & Families Network  here. Return to the Oakwood Storyplay page here. To find out more about Storyplay, click here.

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Molly Whuppie Audio-Show


Molly Whuppie Audio-Show Online Tuesday 7th April 2020 We're very excited to be sharing the audio-show version of Molly Whuppie in 12 Episodes on our website! 🕖 EVERY NIGHT @ 7pm from 7th-18th April on the Molly Whuppie Page! There are some pictures to accompany the story, but you can just listen to it too without watching the screen - perfect at bedtime as a #lockdown Easter break treat! Look out for some activities to do after you've finished listening to the story! The episodes will be up to listen and share for free until the end of April. This is Virginia Radcliffe's adaptation of a traditional tale of this amazing Scottish superhero who has captured the imagination of thousands of children since it was first produced in 2000. Performed by Virginia and Rosalind Sydney, with music by Tim Brinkhurst, arranged and performed by Gavin Marwick and Mary McMaster! Find out more in our associate artists page! Molly Whuppie Dance! Molly Whuppie Sing! Molly Whuppie ran through the woods And she went to see the King! LISTEN NOW Molly Whuppie Audio-Show Trailer All Episodes To find videos, games and other activities to do at home during the Coronavirus Lockdown click here. To find out more about Storyplay, click here. To join the Children [...]

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A Letter from Molly Whuppie


Easter Holidays Monday 6th April 2020 Molly Whuppie has written a letter to Primary 4! You can read it below and watch the video of her reading it to you! (Iona's pretending to be Molly Whuppie - maybe you could do that too!) As you'll find out, Molly needs some ideas for her story. If you have an idea, grown ups can send it to, via Facebook or via text to 07413 800 342. To find videos, games and other activities to do at home during the Coronavirus Lockdown click here. To find out more about Storyplay, click here. To join the Children & Families Network return the form to school or join online here. Return to the Oakwood Storyplay page here. Lickety Children's Guide to the Coronavirus 2: Lockdown

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P6/5 Session 2 – Miltonbank


Monday 16th March 2020 We had a wonderful session of outdoor Storyplay with the bubbly and energetic P6/5’s at Miltonbank in their last session. The whole class remembered how to warm up by making yourself as Big as Bear! And as Fast as a Hare! You can do the Warm Up at home with this video. We had some brilliant bird like running as well! We loved warming up outside today! We played ON / OFF which is a good game for playing at home around a rug with your family. The Funky Chicken is popular with this class who are full of great invented animals and actions which were quite hilarious! Following on from last week the P/65’s have the collective voice of an angel as they remembered every line of Grandma Grandma and sang with such great energy and enthusiasm! It was a very cool and funky version! We played a variation of What’s the Time Mr.Wolf Licketyspit style! We met some brilliant and terrifying wolves! We had Kiera Wolf, Ali Wolf and Asfa Wolf! What did the wolves get us all to do?! We grabbed tightly onto our Flying Balloons and we flew so high we left the earth’s atmosphere and floated around in space! We saw Saturn and Rockets and way down to the Sea. This is a great game to play at home, it [...]

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P2 Session 2 – Miltonbank


Monday 16th March 2020 We had our second Storyplay session with Miltonbank’s P2’s outside! When we got cold we went into the hall. At the end of the session we found words to describe how we felt playing these games together today and people said -  Good and  Happy, some people felt a bit tired and out of sorts because of everything that's been going on but we also felt excited, surprised and even crazy and awesome!! We did two different Licketyspit Warm-Up’s! We made ourselves as Big as a Bear and as Thin as a Pin and as Wobbly as a Jelly on a Plate! What other rhymes are there in our warm-ups? We met some very excitable animals today! Babeker introduced us to the Teleporting Lion! Iona said hello to the Cheaty-Dancing Monkey! Julie welcomed the Happy Lion and we met Lexi’s Funky Monkey! We weren’t too scared to meet Liam’s Angry Lion! We had a wonderful game of Flying Balloons. We flew high above Glasgow! Lujain saw a Bird and Iona saw a Dragon! This game can played anywhere! Even in your front room. Remember all you need is your balloon and your imagination, that can take you anywhere you want! Tell us what you can see?! Monsters Footsteps and new game Lets Bake a Cake were favourite games. We put on our chef hats and [...]

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P1 Session 2


Monday 16th March 2020 This week it was sunny so we played outside in the playground which was lovely because we could run! We had a double warm-up this week to keep us warm while we were outside! We made ourselves as Big as a Bear and as Big as a House! Can you remember how each warm-up rhyme goes? We played ‘Do you know the…’ (Maybe you could draw a picture of them and send it to us?) Rainbow Bunny Rainbow Bird Funny Cat Rainbow Chicken Ferocious Bear! Funny Bunny Loud Dog Rainbow Cat Juggling Dog Rainbow Zebra We made up funny ways to say a big friendly ‘HELLO!’ without touching! This will be important over the next few weeks, maybe you could create a new way to say ‘HELLO!’  with people at home! Or to do through a window? I wonder what creations we could all come up with? Flying Balloons took us way above Miltonbank and way above Glasgow! Zara saw  beautiful shells at the bottom of the deep blue sea! Amanatta saw a dog driving a car! Sara saw a Pig in a Tree, Melody saw a Pig on a toilet! Ahmed saw a Monkey driving a car waving at the Pig in a tree! Mrs Robertson at Miltonbank [...]

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Miltonbank P1


Monday 9th March 2020 We had an incredible first session of STORYPLAY with Primary One this week! P1 families are warmly invited to come and learn these games too at Porridge & Play next week! (18th March 9.15-11.30am) There was so much enthusiasm and focus from everyone in the room. We started with our warm up and then we introduced P1 to the Funky Chicken and they introduced us to a Brown Cat; a Pink Fox; a Sleepy Dog; a Pink Bird and a Scary Tiger! Thank you Lucy, Jack, Robyn, Lucas and Mya! We loved meeting those animals. When we went flying on out balloons we flew all the way to the Highlands of Scotland and saw the snowcapped mountains. Melody saw some snow people making snow angels and we also saw them having a snowball fight. SPLAT!!! Then we played Witches Fingers and all had great fun practising our Witchy Cackles and tricking all out friends into thinking we were going to say POISON! After that we all dressed up in some wonderful costumes and went into the forest where we met Granny Lucas who loved to grow apples; Granny Jessica with 100 pet dogs, Granny Ahmad who grew carrot and potatoes and Granny Liam who had a giant tree in his garden. After all that we still had the energy to go on a Magic Ball [...]

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Miltonbank P6/5 Playcard Play


Monday 9th March 2020 It was great to meet Primary 6/5 at Miltonbank for our first STORYPLAY session this week! We had such a great time playing and imagining together! We made ourselves as Big as a Bear and as Fast as Hare. Can you remember all the different steps in our warm-up? Jack and Virginia welcomed some new animal friends to the group as well. We met the Funky Chicken and the Naughty Seagull! Don said hello to the Roaring Tiger and Jenielle showed us her Happy Cat! Our flying balloons took us high above Glasgow’s skyline, and we weaved between some skyscrapers! Andrew saw his friend driving his motorcycle through the forest and luckily, he was OK after falling off! Jodie saw Space and we managed to see Jupiter as well! We had some brilliant dressing up! This group had a real obsession with hats and there many exciting and interesting items of clothing, including a bag, being wore on our heads! Hamza was a stylish businessman, Conor managed to fit three hats and ear warmers onto his head and Charley-Jo was the lucky person with a yellow bag on her head! We can’t wait to see what creations you come up with next time! We played Witches Fingers for the first time and this was a very popular game for this group! Virginia told us all about her Grandma, [...]

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