Bakers, Minions & Angry Armadillos!

Storyplay City Week 2

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Storyplay City is back

It was wonderful to see lots of our Storyplay Champions back again for more imaginary play adventures!

We also met some new friends who recently joined our Children & Families Network – welcome to the family!

These online sessions are supported by Glasgow Communities Fund and take place on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

This week’s blogs are by Andre & Taz!

On Saturday…

This week we had amazingly creative funky chicken animals like the Undecidable Lion by Adeelah and Muizza’s Angry Armadillo. Afterwards, we had a chat about Armadillos incorporating learning into fun play. After the session, we decided to look more into this animal and share what we have learned.

“Armadillos are small mammals related to sloths and anteaters. They have a tough armor that protects them from enemies and other dangers. The word armadillo is Spanish for “little armored one.”

“Armadillos have a heavy build with short legs and strong, curved claws. There are 20 species, or types, of armadillo. They live mainly in or near hot regions of Central and South America. One species lives in the southern United States. Most species live in open areas, but some live in forests. Armadillos are usually brownish black, marked with yellow above and yellowish white underneath their armor.” 

How interesting! There are always things to see, learn and imagine when we explore through play.

You can learn more about Armadillo’s in an encyclopaedia here and on the Edinburgh Zoo page here. To find out about visiting Edinburgh Zoo click here.

“Miss Mary Mac, then I drew the Funky Chicken, then I drew dressing up and then a drew the Mucky Brew, then the potion. Then the magic ball. Then the dark forest. Then everybody on the screen.”
“This is my drawing – I drew the bear asking if we could make him a potion so he can turn back into a human. Then when he has all the ingredients it makes him . I was going to continue the things but I didn’t have enough time to finish it. I want to finish it.”

“The Angry Lion. That’s his name. His name is Trom. My favourite thing was when the bear and you turned into the explorer.”


“My one is about the first person running away from the trees that looked like monsters  and a speech bubble saying ‘aaaaaaaah’ and this is the magic ball. I enjoyed dressing up. I liked all of it.”



“I enjoyed eating our fantastic cake with a cherry on top – we were in the storm & I found socks & scarves & my favourite book – Magic Dust & green blob & Magic Lolly.”

Boatemaa, Mum

“I made a dragon it was doing very fire! who didn’t have any friends so I said could come & her went back happy. It was called Toffee Rabbit!”


On Thursday…

Lily set up Magic Ball and had fantastic input and participation. Our participants were a very imaginative and thoughtful group in general, coming up with so many interesting places and ideas. We first met the unicornthe fox and the reindeer in the winter forest. It was lucky that Roqueeba spoke Unicorn language, and Risqac was surprised at her sister’s hidden talent. The unicorn liked us so much that she let us ride on her back to Silly World on Joke Island, where everything was funny.

We loved joining in with lots of silly activities – Toby suggested that we do a silly walk and Tammi told us a joke “Knock knock (who’s there)  interrupting cow (Interrupting cow wh…) Mooo!”

This joke was so funny we got invited to join the Silly Circus where we all took part in a silly dance before getting whisked away by umbrellas back to the Magic Ball before the storm could get to us!

There is always so much happening in our creative sessions. Desire put it perfectly, saying “this and this and this and this” showing us all the different parts in his excellent reflective drawing.

On Wednesday…

Have you ever found yourself in the Dark, Dark Forest with scary looking trees? 

Ever tried to wear squashed oranges in your ears, strawberry birthday cake and red velvet cake on your face and jelly on your hair?

Ever rolled on chilli sauce, mud and leaves?

The Storyplay City Wednesday Gang have tried all that and more!

The gift of our imaginations and our skill to make the ordinary into the extraordinary never fails us and so this Wednesday Felicia, Adesire, Donald, Precious, Brown, Bethel, Olaife, Areeb, Sarim, Tami, Amir, Ameen became…

Princess aurora who knows everything about well…being royal!

                        Witch Justin and who has good spells alongside his Fellow Witch!

            Toothless Mary who is good at running!

                        Cristiano Ronaldo a champion at marbles!

            The Funny Minions Brothers!

                        Rich Emily who is good at baking & singing!

            Superhero Psychic and their Captain

                        Witch Penelope who is good at evil!

            and Spiderman! 

The Lickety Gallery!

What you said

“I really liked the silly world when we did the magic ball I liked the silly world. It was funny and also I liked doing the circus part too.”
“Before I present my drawing, why I was off for half of the session is because I was actually baking a cake and I actually put it in the oven. I actually baked a real cake. It’s on the oven but I can show you. My favourite part was when we did the baking the cake and when we were in Silly Land. I drew cake with things on it. Ice was melting and there’s a little circle if you can see it and that’s the magic ball. “
“This is the first one with the silly circus us with the flying umbrellas and the magic ball. And here I drew my chef it’s chef clover who likes to cook spaghetti. And the final  drawing with the cake. Here’s is the ingredients, the smelly sock , the mug with the chocolate in it and the cabbage. “

“I drew joke land because it was really funny and I loved it and I also wrote a joke.

“What did the cow say to the rabbit?” 

“Hey do you have any milk left?” 

And I also drew the cake. I put pasta in the cake” 


“This and this and this and this!”


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