Storyplay City 2022

Week 1

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Storyplay City is back

It was wonderful to see lots of our Storyplay Champions back again for more imaginary play adventures!

We also met some new friends who recently joined our Children & Families Network – welcome to the family!

These online sessions are supported by Glasgow Communities Fund and take place on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

This week’s blogs are by Andre.

On Wednesday…

We ended up at the Great Wall of China, which when we touched it was pretty warm and tasted…like hot chocolate! Ameen, Amir and Abdullah said their part of the wall tasted like Strawberries, so everyone had a taste! Someone also spotted a banana tiger on top of the wall!
Then a Guard appeared and asked us to help him prepare for a great party! Precious sang Sent a Letter to My Love brilliantly and the Guard was so impressed that he asked us to come up with a dance for the ball.

We worked together to make a choreography and everyone had fantastic moves! Laith said “This is fun” – we thought so too! When it was time to head back to the Magic Ball, we first had to get through a tricky Lego field, ouch ouch ouch! Then Olaife showed us how to open the zip to get back in the Magic Ball and home again.

My picture is about The Great Chocolate Wall of China 🌟with lots of flavours like strawberry, white chocolate, vinilla, dark chocolate, apple, banana and Coca-Cola this is drawn by Artist Amir.

On Thursday…

We ended up in a forest where we encountered a Witch. Quick as a flash we all dressed up ourselves as mystical witches too. Fateh said ‘I’m a sniketty witch!’ Janaiba said ‘I’m a cool witch, we live with Hansel & Gretel’ and Fernanda said she was ‘a silly witch’ and used a bowl to mime eating!

We had so much fun playing Witches Fingers, we didn’t notice the Magic Ball had appeared ready to take us on an adventure until we were having some soup and it almost got swallowed up! Once we found it, we were teleported to the sky where we tasted the clouds which all tasted different. We even threw cloud balls at each other!

Then we saw the Purple Palace where we met Princess Mucky, who needed help cleaning the castle. In return for our help, we got to go to the Queen’s Ball! There we met Queen Lulu, who spoke the Lulululu language.

We had a good long chat with Queen Lulu until we realised that it was getting late and we needed to head back into the magic ball. So Princess said the magic cloud spellCloud cloud, please take us back to where we belong!’ and we were swept off on our cloud carpets to the magic ball!

Janiaba a whole new story in Reflective Drawing inspired by our Storyplay. You can read it below.

On Saturday…

We had a really nice chat with everyone at the beginning, catching up after our time away. It was lovely to see siblings and parents playing together in the same boxes. And it was fab to welcome Sidhvik, Shrika, Bukky, Zara and Lanafor the first time on Zoom! As well as all our old friends.

We had some great examples of siblings doing Funky Chicken together, like Zara and Lana’s Happy Unicorn. It’s always way more fun when everyone is playing together, joining in with the actions and supporting one another to come up with funky animals.

Dressing up was fab, and Aroush depicted the Lickety Dressing Up style brilliantly in her reflective drawing, showing all the clothes she was thinking about wearing.

Then in the Magic Ball,  Adeelah made up a poem to get past the Dragon!! It went, “Swish swish, apple sauce, dragon goes in a flash.” We loved hearing everyone joining in and repeating it

We always love to hear your rhymes, ideas, songs, dance moves and whatever else you can think of in our Storyplay adventures!

The Lickety Gallery!

What you said

“I drew the disco we didnt go to but the queen was at it. The disco would have been a great way to meet people from Lulu Town. My favourite game was witches fingers, I was the Sulky Witch.”


“This is us up in the clouds, this is Avan and me and you. It felt soft and tasted like ice cream and popcorn. Nirman’s favourite game was the Witches game.”

Avan & Nirman

“Thats the castle that we saw and the witch from dressing up and a cat and it says thank you”


“I drawed some rain and lightening and I drawed the magic ball. And the clouds you’re in and i drawed a castle and it wasnt very good so i drawed another big castle with the Scotland Flag.”


“The witch is playing football and the cat and mouse that bited”


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