Holiday Play – Week 1

We start our holiday play programme with one of children’s favourites – The Funky Chicken!

Do you know the Funky Chicken?

Tell us HOW YOU GET ON with these games and crafts, and SEND US PHOTOS & DRAWINGS of your family play time & creations! We can’t wait to hear from you!

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Lickety Play Card Game

Activity of the week

Build a castle or a fort

Do you have a spare cardboard box? You might be able to get one from a supermarket or a local grocers shop, if not!

A cardboard box can easily be made into so many things – a Castle? Or a House? a Space-ship? or a Boat? Or a Bus? A Cave for a bat Or a Kennel for an imaginary Dog!

You can draw or paint on the outside however you want to and cut out some windows and doors!
You can use anything to be the people or animal’s who live inside it! Clothes pegs? Spoons? OR Teddy’s? Dolls? Toy animals?
You can cut out the front to make a TV and then you can put it on your head and read the news!
If you’re lucky enough to find a giant box you can Get inside it and go to the moon or paddle down the amazon!

Remember – with imaginary play you can be anyone, go anywhere, and do anything! And you can make things into anything else you want:
A scarf can be a cat or a snake!
A sandwich can be a chocolate gateaux!
A rug can be magic carpet to fly you to see the Pyramids!

Don’t forget to send us photos of your wonderful creations!

Tips & Handy Hints

How about a Picnic?

You can have a picnic at the park or in the garden if you have one or even on a balcony or in your front room!

It is nice to have a blanket or a towel or a big scarf top sit on!

Good food for picnic –

  • Bread or a roll
  • Some cheese or a Hard Boiled Egg (you can peel!)
  • A carrot or tomato
  • An apple or a plum or any piece of fruit!
  • A drink of water or squash

Don’t forget sunblock and a hat if its very sunny!