Holiday Play – Week 3

Pirate Joke:

Why pirates are awesome?

Because they just AAARRR!   (he he he!)

This week we are playing PIRATES! And showing how to build your own SELLOTAPE WORLD & make a musical INSTRUMENT out of JUNK!

(LICKETY TIP!  If you can find an old box and keep it under a table or somewhere out of the way, you can collect junk for making things like models or collages with a bit of tape or glue to stick things together & maybe some paint! Things like cereal boxes, empty plastic bottles, cardboard tubes, tooth-paste lids & boxes! Almost anything! Then one day if you’re looking for something to do you can get put your box of junk and make something!)

Please tell us HOW YOU GET ON with these games and crafts and SEND US PHOTOS & DRAWINGS of your family play time & creations so you can inspire other families! We can’t wait to hear from you! Children are the EXPERTS at play!

Please email us at or send it through social media – Facebook or Twitter!

Lickety Play Card Game

It’s a good idea to dress up as a pirate for his game!

Licketyspit doesn’t buy costumes. We just collect old clothes – tops, skirts, jackets, trousers, scarves, hats, old sunglasses! – for a Dressing-Up bag or box. This kind of dressing up can let you create hundreds of different costumes & characters! Ooo Arrr Captain’s coming!

Children & Families Network families playing Pirates:

Activity of the week

The Sellotape World!

Virginia met Giles & heard about him putting Sellotape all over his kitchen from unit to chairs/wall & his early years children having hours of fun sticking bits of paper onto out to create magical world! Transforming the kitchen!

Giles is an amazing community artist in London ( and musician.

He designs and builds instruments to play in groups such as The Drones, and specifically designed instruments for shows with Indefinite articles puppet company, and most recently he has been using his musical inventions with The Junk Orchestra.

Here is Giles ‘Dabble Bass’ made out of cardboard tubes!!!

Remember that a few beans in a tin with paper or card taped on top make a great maraca! And if you put different levels of water into empty bottles and hit them with a spoon!

You can get different notes & play a tune! (Virginia’s friend Seonaid does it as her party trick with about ten bottles!)

A Giles Leaman Sellotape World made by children at North Edinburgh Arts Summer Programme with Alice Betts from Edinburgh Art Festival!

Do let us know if you make a Sellotape world at home! OR make your own musical instruments! We’d love to hear & share what you’ve done!