Holiday Play – Week 5

A week and a half left until the school term starts??! How did it come around so quick??!

Not to worry, Licketyspit is here to keep the summer spirit going! And so this week we are DRESSING UP!! Have you been somewhere new this summer – park, gallery? Made new friends? Read a new book? Anything can be used as an inspiration when dressing up & creating characters!

We are also making our very own RAINBOWS and setting off on an INSECTS & BUGS discovery adventure! Read below to find out more!

Lickety Play Card Game

Did you know that in Lickety games we NEVER use specially made costumes? We believe that all you need to create a limitless array of wonderful, fascinating & unique characters is your imagination and some old clothes – tights, tops, scarfs, hats, skirts, bags, glasses, blankets or whatever you can get your hands on! It’s amazing what you can create!

Here are some wonderful creations by our network families:

We would LOVE to see what you do and share it on our website! Just email photos to CFN@licketyspit and tell us you’re happy for us to post them up!

Activity of the week

Make a rainbow!

Based on their current exhibition, Tate is inviting children & families across the UK to play with water and light to create their own arty science experiment. All you will need is a glass of water, white paper, colouring pencils and a torch. Follow three simple steps below to create your very own RAINBOW!!

  1. Place the glass of water on the edge of the table so a little bit hangs off the edge. Be very careful not to knock it over.
  2. Shine the torch through the glass at the top. Adjust the angle until the light falls onto the paper below.
  3. Colour over the light on the paper to create your own rainbow.

Top Tip: Turn off the lights to see the rainbow more clearly!

This is one of our favourite books about Ant & Bee making a rainbow! You might find it at the Library!

Tips & Handy Hints

Exploring the wild doesn’t need to involve the Amazon Rainforest or a far-off place. You can discover all kinds of amazing creatures right in your own back garden or nearby park! So set off on an bug-searching-adventure this week!

You can take nets and containers to catch insects, magnifying glass to look for and at them, and a camera or a notebook & some pens to record your fantastic discoveries! You can even create your own little book!

Tell us HOW YOU GET ON with these games and crafts and we would love to see PHOTOS & DRAWINGS of your family play time & creations to share with other families!

You can send them to us by email at or through social media – Facebook or Twitter!