Holiday Play – Week 6

Final few days of the Summer Holidays…!! A good chance to play a few more games, craft a few more artworks and enjoy family play time together before you go back to school!

To kick you back into action, this week we are singing our funny action song – Jelly on His Head, making puppets from old socks and turning & twisting our heads with some very fun word games! Read about them below.

Tell us HOW YOU GET ON with these games and crafts and we would love to see PHOTOS & DRAWINGS of your family play time & creations to share with other network families!

You can send them to us by email at or through our social media pages on Facebook or Twitter!

Lickety Play Card Game

You can make great props for this song out of junk! A painted Egg Box can be a Jelly on your Head! You can cut up an old cereal box to make Doughnut Glasses or a Fried Egg for your face or Bananas for your hair! You can paint the cardboard or stick paper on it and paint that if the paint won’t stick! But you can probably think of lots of other ways to make these props! We’d love to hear about how you get on or see a photo! (Don’t put real Jelly on your head will you!

Activity of the week

Make a sock puppet!

Making a sock puppet is really really fun! You can create all sorts of marvelous characters you like from a dog, cat or a caterpillar to a granny, witch or a monster – it can be anyone and anything! You can then use the puppets to act & re-enact any favourite book or movie scenes or even create your own story!

All you need is some old socks, pens, glue and any scraps of cloth, paper, cut outs from newspapers or food packaging.

Check this website for an animated step-by-step guide on 3 different ways to make a sock puppet:

Tips & Handy Hints

Starting school after fun, joyful & relaxing summer holidays can be difficult so why not easy your children into it with some fun and simple word games that will help them improve their memory, build vocabulary and be playful with language!

I am going on a picnic

A great game to help with memory and imagination.

One person starts and says “I am going on a picnic and I’m going to  bring some… fruit!

The next person says what the first person said and adds something of their own. “I am going on a picnic and I will bring some fruit, and some sandwiches!.

The next person says what the first, and second person said, and adds something of their own. “I am going on a picnic and I will bring some fruit, some sandwiches and a dinausaur!

You continue on and on and it gets more  and more difficult to remember everything!

Word Family Game

This game requires children to rhyme. Select one word and everyone needs to write or say as many words as they can that rhyme with that word. For example, if the word is “Cat”, answers could be: hat, bat, rat, sat etc.

I spy

A really easy and fun word game. All you need for this game is your imagination!

Player 1 thinks of a word and tells the others the first letter. “I spy with my little eye, something beginning with __” The other players need to guess the word. Whoever wins gets to be the next spy!