Modern Art Gallery

National Galleries of Scotland is our newest partner and we are very exciting to start our collaboration with a Picnic & Play project which will take place this Autumn!

The Modern Art Gallery (Modern One) displays collections of Scottish and international art throughout the year. They have a lively and innovative programme of activities, exhibitions and education to engage, inform and inspire. For more information about them and their upcoming events, visit their website.

Picnic & Play 2019

We had a fantastic Picnic & Play in Modern One on October 27th 2019, with 14 families from across the city.

We flew high over Edinburgh in our Balloons and saw the castle, elephants, unicorns and even a green whale under Kincardine Bridge!
We met some funny friendly animals – the Noisy Owl, Big Lion, Hoppy Sparrow, Wiggly Worm and the Sneaky Fox!
Then we got in our Magic Ball and went into space! We got on a moon truck driven and met a moon monster who we had to feed chocolate and cheese ice cream before he’d let us pass. Then we found a black hole. We through some moon rocks in and out few moon bunnies! They led us through the galaxy to their Moon Bunny Mummy who floated under a giant planet.
You were wonderful adventurers in marvellous costumes! Thanks for joining us, and to Anna and all at the Modern Art Gallery!

What is the best thing about Porridge & Play for you?

  • “How naturally this event can integrate both adults & children into same activities enjoying at same level” Mum
  • “Creativity, spontaneous play” Mum
  • “Joining in with the kids and other adults/parents alike.” Dad
  • “Morning of fun together” Dad
  • “Creativity & enthusiasm” Mum
  • “It’s fun and well animated by your staff” Mum
  • “All children and adult participation. Everyone really involved in play. It’s more fun 😊” Mum
  • “Playing in different places, introducing ART to my kids and playing with different people and big group” Mum

Any other comments?

  • “I enjoy creativity and using my imagination and I enjoyed today.” Child, 8
  • “It was super fun” Child, 7
  • The best thing: “All children and adult participation. Everyone really involved in play. It’s more fun 😊” Mum
  • “Quality ‘playing time’ with my child – remembering how to play. The “community” picnic with everyone was lovely” Mum
  • “As being my personal first visit, everything was new for me (except the kids playing the games at home with me in the past.) New rhymes and songs also.” Dad

Previous Joint Events

2019 Picnic & Play at Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art

Sunday 27 October


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