North Edinburgh Arts

North Edinburgh Arts is a community hub in Muirhouse and Licketyspit’s Edinburgh home! They run lots of activities from workshops, shows, exhibitions to community theatre and film clubs, most with a family focus!

North Edinburgh Arts was a home to Licketyspit from 2011 up to very recently (June 2019). It is where we have produced a variety of touring shows and residency projects, including our shows Molly Whuppie, Wee Witches, Quangle Wangle, Hare & Tortoise, Heelie-Go-Leerie, Green Whale, and Magic Spaghetti. We also regularly worked with the community and local primary schools and nurseries through projects such as Porridge & Play, BookPlay, Picnic & Play and our Storyplay Schools programme designed to support the development of children’s literacy, language and confidence which raises children’s attainment.

Despite our moving our main office to Glasgow Licketyspit has a strong committed to our relationship with North Edinburgh Arts and their communities and to continuing to deliver our work in Muirhouse and the North Edinburgh Arts for our Children & Families Network members.

For more information about North Edinburgh Arts and their upcoming workshops and events, visit their website.

Picnic & Play 2019

We had a fantastic Picnic & Play at North Edinburgh Arts on October 17th 2019 as part of their October holiday programme.

13 families (44 people!) joined us for outdoor imaginary play, dressing up and a wonderful reflective drawing gallery!

What is the best thing about Porridge & Play for you?

  • “Meeting new people, trying something different rather than the usual park, soft play, etc. Lunch! : )” Mum
  • “Witches fingers & delicious food” Mum
  • “Joining in with the kids, seeing kids joining in, lots of fruit + fresh lunch.” Mum
  • “Kids get to use there imagination” Mum
  • “Less time on ipad/TV. More interaction with others. Imagination expanding.” Dad
  • “Interactive time for children, meeting new people” Mum

Any other comments?

  • “It was very fun! 8 year old
  • “Favourite game was the witches fingers! When they said poison was exciting!” 4 year old
  • “You do a great work. It is great that kids can spent time like this.” Dad
  • “G liked the balloon game.” Mum
  • “We’ve never  been to NEA before, will come again <3” Mum
  • “We got to see + imagine all the different places we could see.” 6 year old

Previous Joint Events

2019 Picnic & Play at NEA

Thursday 17 October


Registration to enter the ballot is open until Thursday 10 October – email or text 0741 380 0342 and please state which Picnic & Play session you would like to attend, your children(s) names, age(s) and your postcode.

2019 Summer Play Programme with Licketyspit


We ran 4 children’s play sessions in the summer holidays and had a brilliant time playing outdoors and in, with support from fantastic young volunteers. Thanks for joining us!

“Was awesome from start to finish.“ (Dad)

“Songs It was nice for the children to imagine things as they are playing. I will be encouraging this more at home. Staff were great.“ (Parent)

“I will tell my family tomorrow they’ll all want to come. It relieves stress. Having fun with the children is the best thing.“ (Parent)

“Very nice to play & share picnic together.“ (Parent)