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The Tall Ship

We have been closely collaborating with The Tall Ship on various projects such Picnic & Play and BIG Porridge & Play Glasgow Outreach. The Tall Ship, also known as the Glenlee, is one of only five Clyde built ships still afloat in the world today. It first took to the water in 1896 and circumnavigated the globe four times! It’s a great free attraction for families and they run a regular programme of events for all ages!

For more information, visit their website.

Upcoming Joint Events

2019 Picnic & Play at Tall Ship

Sunday 20 October


Registration to enter the ballot is open until Friday 13 October – email CFN@licketyspit.com or text 0741 380 0342 and please state which Picnic & Play session you would like to attend, your children(s) names, age(s) and your postcode.

“It is a fab opportunity to spent time together without distractions, playing, having fun + wing our imaginations. Thank you!“ (Parent)

“Even more exciting than usual.“ (Parent)

“The adventure was great.“ (Parent)


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