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We have been collaborating with WHALE Arts since 2018. As a community-led arts charity and social enterprise, WHALE delivers creative projects, programmes and events, and connects community with local and national cultural partners.

For more information about the organisation and their upcoming events & activities, visit their website.

Upcoming Joint Events

2019 Picnic & Play at WHALE Arts

Saturday 9 November


Registration to enter the ballot is open until Friday 1 November – email CFN@licketyspit.com or text 0741 380 0342 and please state which Picnic & Play session you would like to attend, your children(s) names, age(s) and your postcode.

”Very friendly hosts. Good fun. Nice, healthy lunch.” (Parent)

”I enjoyed it. My children had fun. Thank you for the picnic and play.” (Parent)

”Get the play involved in the picnic. I loved the food choice: all fruit mainly so kids don’t have a choice to eat any unhealthy stuff.” (Parent)

”Thank you. It was great fir the families and great diversity.” (Parent)

”Fantastic. Able to bring all three of my children, even though different ages.” (Parent)


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