Jelly Catwalks around the World

Blog 2: September 2021

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Jelly Catwalks around the world

With a cast of characters to behold!

Meet them all and don’t be shy

Or you might get donuts in your eyes!

The Canada Jelly Catwalk

Thursday 23.09.21

After an energetic and very creative round of Funky Chicken we all dressed up with magnificent gusto and displayed the most fabulous skills in becoming characters. We hopped in the Magic Ball and ended up in Canada where Fred With Jelly On His Head was in a bit of a pickle and needed to recruit a team of misfits to attend the world famous Canada Jelly Catwalk with him…

’I drew the Magic Ball cause I like to go in it. It’s a multicolour one, that’s how I imagine it.Today I didn’t have anywhere specific really to go so I’d like to see where other people would like to go’

Orange, Thursday Group

‘This is about the Magic Ball because I liked it and the dressing up and me and my friend were dressed up as a ninja’

Red, Thursday Group

‘Here I have me, of course and this is my jelly, I know it does not look like an original jelly because it is an avocado jelly. So this is an avocado jelly over here with some spinach cause I love vegetables. And over here I have donuts, donuts on my eyes so when I go to sleep I always get icing on my pillow and also I have some sticks and leaves in my hair and then over here I have a jelly outfit and underneath I have a donut skirt so when I eat anything, I’ll eat it to have it for dinner so that’s how I don’t have any pyjamas to wear in the night. And over here is John with jelly on his head and his catwalk, when he was doing his catwalk. And it says over here: ‘Love donuts yum, yum yum. Love space, uh, uh!’, ok…’Love whales so they won’t swallow you up ha, ha, ha!’ and over here it said : ‘Love butterflies so you won’t have butter on your face’.

Yellow, Thursday Group

‘I drew a picture of the Magic Ball and when we went into Canada! The lady drank hot chocolate and we did the catwalk! And I felt good about doing the catwalk’

Green, Thursday Group

‘This is the stage where we did our catwalk, this is someone’s mussels on their head, this is     someone with jelly on their head, this is one with candy on her head and she has spaghetti on her head. And this is the rest of the audience clapping.’

Purple, Thursday Group

‘The Funky, Funky, Funky, Funky Chicken. This is a Funky Cheetah, these are the catwalk, these are the catwalk. This is donuts on his head & jelly, this is donut on his eyes and jelly on his head… This is pineapple on his head. This is something on his eyes…this is jelly on his head!! This is a magic slide, this is a Magic Ball. This is…the Jelly Man, I was wearing Jelly on my head! Jelly on my head! Flavour:  strawberry, ice cream, apples, orange, pineapple juice’

Pink, Thursday Group

What fun we had! Can’t wait to see where the next Porridge & Play session takes us!!

By the Thursday Gang, Iona, Andre & Taz 🎈

The Paris Jelly Catwalk

Wednesday 22.09.21

From the hills of Paris

As well as the Eiffel Tower

you can see a stall of ice cream 

with the flavours of your dreams!

Though be warned of a surprise

an onion flavoured ice cream?!

While enjoying the French market who do you think we met?

He goes to bed with a head full of jelly

and you know his name is Fred!

Meeting Fred made us all burst into song 

about himself

And all his friends

And all the food they wore upon their heads!

‘I must recruit a team of pals to walk the Jelly Catwalk!

But none of my friends could make it today

So what can I say? Could you save the day?’

The Jelly Catwalk is this great event in the heart of beautiful Paris,

one must do a great walk, wear a fabulous frock,

and perform to cool music for a place full of folk!’

We made ourselves fabulous, we practiced our stuff

scooted our way there til we were out of puff

but we made it in time to meet the Catwalk’s host:

‘You have only one go so make of it the most!’

Areeb, Amir, Felicia, Sara & Noor,

Ayaan, Muaz, Ameen and Eeman

Marvellous, Faridah and Adesiree

Catwalking on Jelly together with Fred!

‘You’ve performed so well you deserve a leek!’

You might think that this sounds a little bit bleak

but the leek was magic and played like a flute

and woke up the dinosaurs that were a bit rude…

Time to go back! Let’s jump in and swim through

Have you ever swam through jelly?

You could with us… I dare you!

By the Wednesday Gang, Iona, Taz & Andre 🎈

The Seaside Jelly Catwalk

Saturday 25.09.21

‘…It was cold, very cold and it was difficult cause I forgot how to swim’recalled Basmalah as we were all sitting round the wee fire that Adesayo got going to warm up us after our wild swim in the sea.

Eshal & Ayra had swimming costumes for everyone so it was clear as day that we were all going to run into the sea! It was glorious to see different swim strokes and water tricks!

‘Here, take a cup of hot chocolate’ Iona made sure everyone had the lovely, thick, sweet drink to help warming up afterwards.

‘Oh, a wee marshmallow…delicious! It tastes of jelly! That reminds me of…’ Taz started to sing.

‘I think I know a man…I think his name is Fred…I think he goes to bed at night with…jelly on His Head!’

A choir of voices suddenly asked  ‘Jelly on his head? Jelly on his head? How can he sleep at night with Jelly on His Head?’.

A beautiful rendition of the song followed and everyone started to feel much warmer and cozy inside when suddenly…

‘Hahahaha…I love it! You sing it so well!…Hey Claire?…Wait a minute…you are not Claire! And you are not John McKay…neither are you Grace or Bella Spears!’

A person with a moustache and a great big lump of jelly on his head was chatting to us! It was Fred!! And he had approached us thinking we were his friends John, Claire, Bella and the rest of his Jelly On The Head gang. When he realised we were not he looked gloomy…

‘We were all supposed to attend the fabulous Jelly Catwalk as a team! What will I do know? I need a team of Jelly Cat-walkers’ said Fred looking rather worried.

‘Hey gang!’ said Iona to the Saturday Gang ‘What say you? Shall we help Fred? Do we think we could be his Jelly Catwalk team?’

‘ABSOLUTELY!’ the Saturday Gang was game, of course.

‘Right!’ said Fred, ‘You need to dress up and practise your walk. And remember, walking on a jelly catwalk is not easy and it is not for the faint of heart. You need stamina, style and steps…cool steps!’ he told everyone why they were getting ready to practice ‘Five, six, seven, eight and walk…and walk…and walk!’

Fred counted everyone in and supervised both the look and the style and technique of every Saturday Gang member. They all worked hard and developed walks that were impressive.

Then a bubbling sound filled the air and there were we. Lights, excitement, anticipation and the Jelly Catwalk appeared in front of our very eyes…

‘Hello everybody and welcome to this year’s edition of The Jelly Catwalk!’the compere lady was exuberant and fascinating, ‘And this year we have exciting teams with exciting new styles and challenging steps! We have the Australian team and the Aliens From Mars team and…wait a second…I’ve just been told we have the Jelly On His Head team all the way from Glasgow! Round of applause to them all, please!’

The place was roaring! The audience was expectant and the Saturday Gang were ready to take the catwalk alongside Fred.

The music boomed out the sound system and off they went. Abdulmateen was dazzling everyone with his walk and so was Arshiyan. Priscilla, Muizza, Mahek & Fatima were inspired and their moves got the audience’s attention. Injeela & Princewill surprised everyone with their steps as did Aliyat, Abdul, Nusaibah, Nabilah, Aroush & Fernanda.

The team impressed so much that they were the recipients of the Magic Carrotwhich tele transported them back into the Magic ball with a spell.

By the Saturday Gang, Taz, Andre & Iona 🎈

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