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September 2021

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Magic Brews at Witches Convention

Wolves, Mermaids, Sharks 

more than I can mention!

Read on to find out what where we’ve been

The tales we’ve heard and the things we’ve seen…

The Magic Bee Hive


This Bee House, this Bee Hive is magic, you know?

Just have a wee taste of this honeycomb

delicious and juicy and sweet and sticky

just take a wee drop and you might feel so lucky 



     Can you hear us? 


We are now Honey Bees and our flight is so dazzling!

We make lovely patterns high up in the air,

We explore all the flowers, the trees and the heather!

And thanks to the Transformer sweet that we had

we are now back to Humans for some sliding fun!

Look how huge and high this enormous chute is!

If you get stuck … 

we will help you up …

you will feel so brave …

as if you could fly …

Now here at the top we must flex and twist

get our bodies ready for the exciting WHEEEEEEEEE!

Can you do this? And this?

Then add that and then hop?

We’re the Saturday Gang ready to leave the top!





After the Summer break we’re together again!!

By the Saturday Gang, Effie, Andre & Taz 🎈

Magic Tricks for the Witchy Queen!


It’s time to perform for the Witchy Queen! Bring a dance or sing a song, for you do not want to go wrong with the Witchy Wonderful Queen!

Make her laugh, don’t make her cry for then she might turn you into a fly!!


‘Cackle, cackle, cackle!,’ she cried, ‘who’s got a rhyme for me? I need a great big laugh from you before I go for my tea!’

So the Scottish Witches gathered round and came up with a plan! They would perform some magic tricks of which she’d be a fan!

Witchy Fredaous made a yellow ball disappear!

Witchy Jessica shared her magic milk that made everyone fly!

Shullamite’s Spooky Cow appeared with an ooky spooky moo!

The Witchy Queen she loved it all and shouted out ‘Wohoo!’

All of the Witches had wonderful hair, made from pyjamas, towels and wigs! They climbed onto their broomsticks made from mud, green goo and twigs!

Off they flew into the night, among the stars and moon, and flew back town to the Magic Ball crying out ‘We’ll be back soon!’

By the Thursday Gang, Iona, Taz & Andre 🎈

Our imaginations truly are a super power!

A hot summer’s day even though it’s September

this is the warmest day I can ever remember!

The smells in the air all lovely and sweet,

today I meet my pals at Licketyspit!

Great to catch up after having a break

and get back together for imaginary play.

There are new faces, old pals and a thirst for more adventures,

Let’s have a good old dance, dress up and be momentous

for we take play seriously and hilariously as well

get on the Magic Ball and I’ll show what we mean!

Up a mountain meeting wolves who are hungry for sweet cakes

brave and happy our Brown gives him one and saves the day!

Sledging down swiftly and we can see the Eiffel Tower

our imaginations truly are a super power!

George speaks French and Ameen speaks wolf language

don’t you tell me that my pals are not incredibly handy!

Arrived at Madame Marvellous’ Cake shop

who’s cakes can make you float

so high you’ll need a coat

and on that note

would you like a lollipop?

By the Wednesday Gang, Andre, Iona & Taz 🎈

This week’s Lickety Gallery!

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A big huge thank you to everyone who joined us for the Family Art Voyage tasters on 10th September!

With your help we have now chosen the artists who will be taking us on our first 6 art voyages!

First up…it’s drumming and dancing with Adie and Thomas! 🇬🇭🥁🕺

The session will be at the usual time. Just bring yourself, your energy and your reflective drawing pad!

Remember to let us know if you need a new drawing pad!

Storyplay Champions celebrated by Together

We were delighted that Together – the Scottish Alliance for Children’s Rights – highlighted the success of our Storyplay Champions in their latest newsletter.

The article described the Making Rights Real event in May when 10 Storyplay Champions led play for 88 children’s professionals.

You can read the article here.