A message for everyone going back to school…

If your children are going back to school this week, we want to remind you of something very important: you are BRILLIANT!  You’ve been learning, caring, creating, imagining, playing and supporting each other during lockdown! Everyone has missed school, so please try not to worry about getting behind or needing to catch up. Schools, and your children’s teachers, will be there to help the transition back to normal learning. 

If you’re feeling worried, nervous, or just in need of a little extra encouragement or guidance, the following resources may be of use to you:

Parent Club
Parents can find information, resources, advice and support about the schools reopening and coronavirus in general on the Parent Club website.

Back to School 
This is the Children’s Parliament website, featuring lots of wellbeing resources for teachers – many of these may benefit parents too.

Scottish Government guidance
This is the government’s guidance for schools and teachers on how to support a safe return for all children.

We’ve missed schools being open too!

Did you know that, before lockdown, the Licketyspit team also went to school? Only for a visit, of course – but what a lot of fun (and learning) we brought when we did! Together with children, parents and teachers, in Storyplay, we make up stories, play games, sing songs, teach interactive rhymes, and generally use our imaginations to find new ways to PLAY and LEARN!

Since 2016, we’ve worked with eight schools and nurseries to bring our Storyplay drama-led play programme to children across Glasgow and Edinburgh – and we’re so looking forward to getting back into schools and playing with you again soon, face-to-face.

Take a look at some of our highlights from last year below! These were taken at Ibrox Primary Nursery (Govan), St Marys Primary School (Maryhill), St Martha’s Primary School (Springburn) and Miltonbank Primary School (Milton).


Would you like to bring Storyplay to your school? 

We are available for Storyplay Schools work starting after the October break and we’d love to hear from you if you think Storyplay could enhance learning at your school. Storyplay offers year-round engagement with schools, and through games, rhymes, song, imaginary play and performance we support children’s language development, confidence, emotional and social skills, as well as teacher creativity and parental engagement. 

In fact, after a recent Storyplay Residency at St Mary’s Primary, 90-100% of children evaluated by their teachers showed an improvement or a marked improvement in confidence, social skills, emotional literacy and resilience, and use and knowledge of language.

If you’re interested in a Storyplay Residency, please get in touch on info@licketyspit.com. Find out more here.

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Our Storyplay schools so far:

Oakwood Primary (Easterhouse)
St Mary’s RC Primary (Maryhill)
Canal View Primary (Wester Hailes, Edinburgh)
Riverside primary (Govan)
Wyndford Nursery (Maryhilll)
Ibrox Primary (Govan)
Miltonbank Primary (Milton)
St Martha’s Primary (Springburn)