Our Pirate Crew and the Gold Cup!

Castlemilk Porridge & Play

Find out what the Castlemilk group get up to in their Porridge & Play Hub adventures each week! Porridge & Play is running throughout 2022 with this six week block being the first of many great tales!

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Week 5 of Castlemilk Porridge & Play!!

Wednesday 20th April

We are the pirates BOLD! We don’t give a monkeys if it’s COLD!

We don’t care if the world is BIG! We don’t give a monkeys & we don’t give a FIG!


Our motley crew were puzzled when Pirate Andre started to run around screaming with excitement followed by Captain Taz screaming even louder with excitement…

 ‘You found it! CREW, do you know what this is?’

 ‘A coin!’

 ‘A diamond!’

 ‘A treasure?’

 ‘This, my meanest crew of Pirates, is a MAGIC BALL’


Magic Ball! Magic Ball! Take us where we want to go! WOOOOOOSH!

Deep in the jungle the crew was mesmerized…what would we find?

‘Is that a tiger?’

Carefully we crawled towards the biggest tiger a Pirate had ever seen! Kevin and Sarim, who are fluent in speaking tiger, worked out that it was very hungry, so we bargained that instead of eating us, Abu & Jared would make the Tiger some toast with jam that Amina had with her!

The tiger was so happy that he sent us toward the river in the direction of treasure!

Now, jungle rivers are very treacherous, so good swimming skills are important.

A treacherous river is a river can have hidden or unpredictable dangers.

You should have seen our Pirate Crew crossing the river! They did rolly pollies, sausage rolls, front crawl and even doggie paddling!

On the far side of the river we discovered the Treasure Keeper Granny who was delighted to see us and asked for a wee favour…

‘Maybe you could tidy up my garden?’

‘Crew Captain is coming!’

‘Aye, aye Captain!’

‘You heard the Granny…tidy up the garden!’

We cut the grass and chopped the bushes and filled in holes!

‘Oh…could you also clean my shed? And while you are at it…could you also collect all your pocket money and give it to me?’ asked the Treasure Keeper Granny.

 ‘Ok Crew you’ve heard! Get your hands into your pockets and collect all the money.’

‘Here Granny! Here is all of our pocket money’

 ‘Great. Oh…look over there!’ Then she was gone! Vanished! Disappeared!

 ‘She tricked us! She tricked us into doing all her work and giving her all our money!’

But we tricked her right back with the cunning use of a distraction and Abu’s professional skills for trickery!

‘Look Granny! A badger!!’ Abu shouted.

‘Where?…Where?’ asked Granny. Then Abu ran for it and got all our pocket money back!.

‘Oh I’m sorry that was a bit mean of me to trick you all like that! Here, have a look at the treasure and take your pick of things you like!’ Granny said.

She was very sorry so we forgave her.

We got diamonds and coins! We even found a Gold Cup holding a drink that changed flavour every time a different Pirate took a sip!

Banana’ – said Ayra

‘Chocolate’ – said Kevin

‘Orange’- said Jared

‘It’s tea!’ – said Amina

To top it all off and celebrate our adventure, we learned three fantastic Pirate Dance moves:

The Funky Chicken hopping on one leg while holding your other leg!

The Side Step that has you balancing on one leg at the time!

And the Mad Cartwheel that has you spinning and gets you dizzy!


By André, Taz & The Castlemilk Pals

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 What’s Next?

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