Storyplay City Week 1 – New Years Cake Recipe

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Welcome back!!

Porridge & Play Online is back but from Jan-March 2021 it’s running as part of Storyplay City – a new project funded by Glasgow Council, with support from Bemis and the Scottish Government. One of the reasons why we are very excited about this new block of Porridge & Play sessions is that this time round we are going to be playing with families who have been taking part for quite some time now, which means that we can explore new horizons and find out what other wonderful ideas we all have inside us ready to come out through play.

We will still warm up and dance, draw and share our art, play our Lickety Playcard games, but we are also going to dive into stories and burst out of them! Find out where we go each week in our blogs.


20th January 2021

On Wednesday we were joined by 16 families! We jumped around with Joe in the Button Factory, met Nuo Xuan’s Secret Bunny and Muiz’s Funky Cat! We had a lovely stretch as part of our dancing warm up and got grooving to some wonderful Malian Kora music! Wohoo!

Since we’ve just started a new year we decided to make a NEW YEAR’S CAKE! So we all got our aprons on and grabbed a wooden spoon to come up with a brilliant recipe:



  • 1 slice of sunshine (Taz)

  • 1 trip to the beach with friends (Andre)

  • 1 set of fairy wings (Aroush)

  • A sprinkle of love (Javier)

  • 1 jar of help (Felicia)

  • A few tasty treats (Michris)

  • A big vanilla (Brown)

  • A little bit of music (Lily)

  • A big bottle of all the good things we used to live with! (Christelle)

  • 20 bottles of vanilla ice cream (Yumna)

  • A big bottle of Milk (Junior)


Strum the strings of a guitar and empty the music into the bowl. Then get a big bottle of all the things we used to live with, take corona virus out and pour the rest in! Pour all of the other ingredients in and then mix! Bake in the oven for 10 seconds! When it has cooled, decorate the cake with 2021 candles (Areeb) and then enjoy with a cup of tea! Ta da!

Remember you can make your own recipe for a New Year Cake with anything you like!!

After we were all full of cake we did some reflective drawing. Brown drew a puppy with a ball and then showed us that he was in fact dressed like the puppy! And Tia drew a rocket!

We then had a fantastic performance from Lily, who recited the Scots poem ‘A Dug’s a Dug’ by Bill Keys. Next week we have a very special session with Adie and Amy all about the Scots poet Robert Burns! There will be Scots singing, Kpanlogo rhythms, kitchen drum-kits and more!

See you next week!

Iona 🙂


21st January 2021


A new year begins and Licketyspit is back with new energy and big ideas ready to meet our friends on Zoom for another 9 weeks of adventures!

Iona, Andre and I were delighted to welcome back our families that will be joining us on Thursdays. When we open our online Play Sessions it always feels like we are opening the door of our Home and it is brilliant to see big smiles, siblings of all ages, mums and dads and even pets so happy to say hi and to come over into our Licketyworld of imaginary play.

Of course, we haven’t seen each other since the Holiday break and everyone had wee stories about what they had been doing…it seems like many enjoyed the snow while it was there!

This first week our imaginary adventure involved the making of a very special New Year Cake.

We are all going through a difficult time at the moment with schools closed for now and many other fun things that we usually do not really happening as we need to keep everyone safe and sound so…we thought that perhaps baking a New Year Cake full of good wishes for 2021 would help!


  • Sprinkles of Kindness

  • A bit of good luck

  • A jar of good grades

  • And 7 new friends

  • Surrounded by raspberries, strawberries and grapes!

  • A little flour and sugar as well

  • Excitement, marshmallow, bananas in chunks

  • Vanilla Air freshener mixed with candy floss

  • More sunshine and happiness

Now stir it all in…
Let’s bake a new year sprinkled with love!

That was an absolutely top recipe to make sure that this year is a great one for us all. Not bad for Weeek One, eh?!

Iona, Andre and I are looking forward to meet up with our Thursday pals next time for some Burn’s Night surprises with our very special guests Adie and Amy!

Don’t miss it!!!

Taz 🙂


22nd January 2021

For our first Saturday back we were joined by Amy & Adie for a very special Burns Session of Scots Song and Kpanlogo Drumming! We’ll tell you all about it next week, because we don’t want to spoil the surprise for the Wednesday and Thursday groups!

Children’s Rights Bill Gets Unanimous Approval!

The Scottish Parliament held a debate about the UNCRC Incorporation (Children’s Rights) Bill on Tuesday 19th January 2021, and we are delighted that the bill was unanimously approved at Stage 1. All our MSPs are standing up for children’s rights!

We are also thrilled that Gillian Martin MSP spoke about her time with Licketyspit Children & Families at our Have Your Say Through Play event in November! You can watch what she said below and the full debate here. 

They have  also published a report on the evidence they’ve heard so far from children and young people and children’s organisations. Read the report here.

“Taking part in games and songs about children’s rights it was clear to me that even the youngest children can get a handle on their rights if the communication is appropriate.” Gillian Martin MSP, Have Your Say Through Play Consultation