Storyplay City Week 4

Rhyming is Rather Exciting

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What brilliant Rhyming Writers you all are!

This week’s session was all about RHYME, and with inspiration from our rhyming Mary Mac, Three Craws and the Big as a Bear warm up, we all dressed up and made fantastic rhymes of our own! These rhymes then turned into STORIES…read them below!


13th February 2021

Don’t fear…we’re here!

The Magic Ball took us far, far away
To a king’s castle where a princess lay
‘I am trapped in here because I can’t rhyme
And I want to get out
And I have little time!’

“Don’t fear, we’re here!
You’re already rhyming, can you not see?”

We will give you more rhymes
And we will set you free!

A flower took a shower in the cold and frosty tower, And three stars had a little bar.
There are wee little fishes that will grant you wishes
and Wizzah The Lizard that dances in a blizzard!

Three superheroes that are faster than arrows, a mouse in a house, a cat on a mat,
three pigeons on a pig and a wee tiny rat.
Unicorns, unicorns making a cake
a dug on a rug giving itself a shake!

The princess was free and felt very inspired and we had rhymed so hard that we felt pretty tired! But also felt happy with all our words
it’s brilliant how rhyming can save the world!

By the Saturday Gang, Andre, Jack & Taz 🐹


10th February 2021

Well… That may be all that we ken aboot the craws… BUT thanks to our expert Wednesday rhymers, we now know so much more about lots of different animals and characters!

Taz, Lily, Adesayo, Erin and Dara made up a whole new version of ‘Three Craws!’

‘Three flies were eating chicken pies!

Three foxes were sleeping in their boxes!!

Three pandas were having a gander and chilling on the veranda!

Three frogs were chilling on their logs!

Three kittens were hiding their mittens! On a snowy Glasgow morning!’

We met unicorns who were putting on their school uniforms and Yumna the parrot who was eating a carrot! Suddenly a princess fairy appeared who lived in a house that wasn’t scary, her name was Mary and she wasn’t very hairy!!! In the forest there was a little bird who heard a word!

Suddenly Andre felt something fall and there lay before him a MAGIC BALLWe landed atop a giant snowman, slid down into Mermaid Land and danced with Junior and Chris the dancing Unicorns!

What a fantastic magical rhyming session we had! I wonder what rhymes you might come up with next…?

From, the Wednesday Gang, Iona, Andre & Taz 🐼

‘The chicken’s eggs gave him strong legs!’ 


‘I’m a parrot! Three Parrots eating carrots!’


‘I made a big big rainbow!!’


‘See last week you told us to go into nature and so I got some sticks and leaves and stuff and I did this! Well in the garden my mum helped me for high places and it was snowing and so I got to play a bit I made a giant snowman first.’ 


‘What I done is a little snowman and then I draw the magic ball and then the plane and then the draw the ice cream from unicorn world and then I wrote this – you and me are always friends, for all of you!’



11th February 2021

Toby the unicorn was born in a magical forest which was very warm! And you may know or not
A unicorn is born with a magical horn!

Daniel the rabbit hopped and hopped and got to the top…but Ayo the jaguar was so fast that he got caught!

Donald the dragon took his seat in the wagon next to Precious the cat who wore a glorious hat!

Emmanuel & Gaby saw three bees sat upon some peas, while 3 butterflies danced around a light
They all met Trudy the bee who had the key
To the cupboard with the tea.

Arshiyan knows a tiger that chops bread with a grinder and Felicia knows a cat that likes to play with a rat!

Magic Ball, Magic Ball where do you think we will go? You can wish but never know…
Now we are at the end of the world!
Look below, look below…

Dinosaurs and dragons! Who would have thought?

Meet the Ancient Lady and enter her palace
To get through her rope bridge we must keep our balance.

If we give her a cool and fun rhyme
She will let us come in in no time!

‘There’s a fountain at the bottom of that mountain’ Ameen pointed out
‘That’s right! ‘the nice Ancient Lady gave a shout, ‘Go, take drink it will make you all blink!!’

The water was magic and tasted fantastic, but Taz had a problem…she started to bark! ‘Take that wee dog for a walk in the park!’

Let’s just go back into the Magic Ball
And Taz will be Taz when we all get back home!

By the Thursday Gang, Iona, Andre & Taz 🐻

Outdoor Play Challenges!

Getting outside is good for our bodies and good for our minds!

You don’t need anything special to do, just getting outdoors to play, run around, explore and breathe in the fresh air is so good for us.

This week we challenge you to…

Play outside with TOUCH! #3

Taz went exploring with her wee dog Benji found a tree orchestra when she went Exploring with Jack. What can you hear? Can you make any sounds by touching the trees or the ground?

Lickety Parent Sessions

We are very pleased to invite you to join a series of fortnightly Parent Play, Chat & Digital Know-how Sessions starting next month, in response to your feedback in our December consultation.

What is it? This will be a chance to chat and catch up with other parents and share tips, activities and experiences. We will also be covering a range of digital tips and skills, as many of you told us you’d like to increase your digital confidence – which is so important at the moment.

When is it? The sessions will last 1 hour. Below are the options we have for when they take place. Please let us know your first & second choice so we can identify a time that works for the majority of people.

How many spaces are there? This will be the first block of 5 fortnightly sessions for ten parents and we will have a further 5 sessions for a second group after that.
We would also welcome your ideas and suggestions of other topics you would like these sessions to cover and any guests you might like us to invite?

Get in touch if you’d like to join!