Storyplay City Ceilidhs

Our Storyplay Celebration Ceilidh!

Welcome to the Porridge & Play Online blog Storyplay City edition, where we share the stories of all the adventures
we’ve had during our virtual play sessions on Zoom! Get in touch to find out how to join.

Turns! turns! turns! 

What a line-up we had for our fabulous final sessions! After 9 weeks playing together, singing together, exploring together, rhyming together and laughing together we were all looking forward to celebrating together! A ceilidh is an excellent way to celebrate because it is a kind, lovely and relaxed way to share all things creative and to be our wonderful selves surrounded by friends… just like our Licketyspit Porridge & Play sessions on Zoom!

And what better way to say thank you than to celebrate YOU!

Below we’ve shared everyone’s fantastic turns… a huge thank you again to everyone who’s participated in our sessions, we hope you’ll join us again in three weeks time for plenty more fun! In the meantime… KEEP PLAYING!


Thursday 25 March 2021

🖋️ A poem about Licketyspit by Emmanuel

Licketyspit is where we have fun, Licketyspit we are never done!
Magic Ball, Baking and Flying Balloons too
I love playing, how about you?
We run, jump and spin now everyone join in!
We have fun too when a whole turn people do 

Lickety Lickety Licketyspit! Licketyspit Licketyspit!
Lickety Lickety Licketyspit

Now my poem is nearly done and I have had so much fun,
but will be back another day, so everyone say Yay!

💻  A digital poem by Amir

When I feel bored I like Licketyspit and I eat four bananas to spilt split split.
Sometimes I eat an ice cream to lick lick lick

Amir shared his screen to show us a poem he wrote and he also prepared a digital presentation for us.

📖 A story about Licketyspit gang and the Magic Ball by Agyei

A story, it’s called Licketyspit: Once upon a time I dreamt a thing called Licketyspit. It was amazing and they got to meet other people. So it was Taz, Iona, Ruby and Andre and more people. And they were all nice and another day I found out about the Magic Ball. It was amazing, it can teleport you to all the different places with people’s ideas. It can teleport you anywhere you imagine exists and if you wanted to rye t Come on and join Licketyspit and live happy ever after.

📚 An improvised story by Felicia

This is Licketyspit we all love to play all day long with you. We love you so much all the time. All the kisses and love, joy and care. We love to see you, all the time

🎤 A special Licketyspit rap by Shullamite!

Lickety Spikety so much fun
you always learn how rhyme
you always play with the Magic Ball
you always use our imagination
to make a big creation. 

Everybody say yeah! 

Licketyspit is so much fun
you always learn how rhyme
you always play with the Magic Ball
you always use our imagination to make a big creation.
Thank you to Taz, thank you to Iona, thank you to Andre, thank you everyone’

🎨  A ‘work-in-progress’ poem from Precious inspired by one of her paintings

In an island far away the sun slowly sets.
People come for a holiday, just for a rest.
The water glimmers and shimmers,
A perfect place for swimmers

📖  A story about the Magic Ball by Gyan

Once upon a time there was a group called Licketyspit. It was a very fun group but once in the Magic Ball when we were singing the Magic Ball song but suddenly there was a dinosaur charging really fast at us then all of us worked together, we blocked the dinosaur so we sang the ‘Magic Ball, Magic Ball’ then got us back home and had fun like Funky Chicken then we baked the Children’s Rights Cake like I what I learnt at school today. Hopefully you like the story. The End.

We also heard… 

🖋️ A gorgeous poem about animals, beauty and family by Janaiba
📚 A fantastic story called ‘The Princess and the Dragon’ by Ramatoulah

Some of the turns were Funky Chicken animals!

🐉 Do you know The Very Hissy Cheeky Snake? By Mahek
🐕 Do you know the Dancing Dog? By Abdullah
🐍 Do you know the Snake? By Injeela, accompanied by Arshiyan on the guitar

And some of you are fantastic musicians, treating us to music and songs!

🎸 Arshiyan shared what he’s learning with his Dad on the guitar!
🎼 Jessica sang the Alphabet Song!
✨ Simon played ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ on the flute!
🎹 Eshal played ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ and an Indian tune on her piano!
🎤 Ayo sang Baa Baa Black Sheep – with Daniel doing backing vocals!

The spoken-word and the music and song sections were so brilliant that Agyei got an idea. “I have a piano that I can play Twinkle Twinkle on and Simon played it… We can put them all the raps all together and the poems and they may sound nice!”

But then there was more!

🦖 Donald performed a wee scene about two fighting puppets and also read some very interesting facts about dinosaurs!
🤣 Ameen had his very own dance and a joke
🕺 Aminata and Fatou did a dance, Mercy, Joy and Peace danced, and so did Fatima who joined in!
🐠  Adesire gave us a taste of her wonderful reading aloud of Finding Dory
📺 Miracle shared one of her favourite YouTube videos
🖍️ Latifah shared a drawing about her school
📚 Azaan showed us a self-portrait that showed him surrounded by all his favourite things and he read a poem he got published in a book!

We danced, we cheered and we clapped and waved CHEERIO ’til next time! HAPPY SPRING!

From the Thursday Gang, Taz, Iona & Andre 🎈


Wednesday 24 March 2021

What did the cheetah say to the naughty unicorn?
Stop horsing around!

What is the caterpillar’s friend?
A dogerpillar!
🤣 Aroush

Knock Knock.
Who’s there?
The interrupting cow.
The interrupting co… MOOOOOOOO!!!!
🤣 Areeb

Hahaha! What a perfect end to the most the most brilliant 9 weeks with the Wednesday group of Big Porridge & Play! Ooh, we love playing on the Zoom with you! This final celebration was all about turns, and what better way to celebrate one another than to have a a ceilidh?!

🎤 Lily kicked things off by singing a beautiful and feisty rendition of Katy Perry’s song Roar!
🤣 Areeb and Sarim told some hilarious jokes: ‘Why couldn’t the computer cool down? Because Windows was left open!’
🎼 Emma sang Let It Go from Frozen, with Christelle and Marc as her backing dancers!
🦁 Brown asked us: ‘Do you know the Scary Lion? It goes RAWR!’
🕺 Junior, Martha, Fiire, Pemi and Ife all danced to groovy music, showing us the most fabulous, inspiring moves!
🎶  And Kamila played her blue ukulele brilliantly!

These are just a few of the wonderful turns we had at the Wednesday Ceilidh. It really has been a very special 9 weeks of play! So many adventures in the Magic Ball, such inspiring dressing up, wonderful rhymes, dancing and singing! And most importantly, what cool friendships we have made!

We will see you in 3 weeks for more sessions, but in the meantime, remember your Lickety Playcards! You can go ANYWHERE, you can do ANYTHING, you can be ANYONE!

From the Wednesday Gang, Iona, Taz & Andre 🎈


Saturday 27 March 2021



A Lickety Band you say?! Made using only our bodies as instruments?! What a brilliant idea from one of our Saturday Ceilidh performers, Lawand! Why don’t you give it a go?

And what a brilliant ceilidh it was! Grooving and joking and singing and storytelling!

🎶 Brilliant Princess played us her beats!
🤣 Magnificent Muhammed told us a joke!
🤸‍♀️ Amazing Aliya twirled and flipped!
🦀 Priscilla cartwheeled… and Presley did the crab!
🤔 Abdal asked us all a riddle: ‘What is so fragile that saying its name breaks it? It’s SILENCE.’
🕺 Muhammed danced to a hip hop song!
🎤 Muizza passionately sang about how rivers run!
🤣 Salim and Hawaa shared some Star Wars jokes! Ho ho ho ho!
🚲 And Victoria put on her helmet, climbed aboard her fantastic pink bicycle and zoomed around her house!

Then some of you treated us to songs, music and dancing! 

🎤  We were in awe of Adeela who sang for us all!
☘️  And Favour, who danced an Irish Jig!
👁️  Sayeh shared her drawings of beautiful eyes!
💻  Queen and Faly danced a TikTok routine!
💃  Feyin performed a ballet dance, so gracefully did she prance!
🎤  Then Abdulmateen, our in-house rapper went…
‘Boom Boom Boom my name is Abdul… in the universe!
My name is Abdul you know me, so stop laughing, everybody knows me!’

🖋️  We heard an evil tale written by Lawand
📚  Marvellous read and read and read, a wonderful story!
🕺  Risqat and Roqueeba danced, danced, danced!
🌲  Virginia told us of the Crumpety Tree where Edward Lear’s Quangle Wangle lives!
👧   Ayesha rhymed and Anaya read us a poem she wrote
📖   Taz read her poem about how ‘rhyming can save the WORLD!’

Saturday gang, you are so magnificent! What a fantastic 9 weeks we have had with you all, and remember that you always have a MAGIC BALL! See you soon!

By the Saturday Gang, Iona, Taz & Andre 🦜

Our Storyplay ceilidh celebration gallery!

Changes to coronavirus stay at home rules

On Friday 2 April the coronavirus advice changes from Stay at Home to Stay Local, which means we can get out and about within our local areas. Luckily Glasgow is absolutely full of lovely green parks! Here are just a couple of suggestions for days out near where you live – all of them free, covid-safe and family friendly.

Hidden Gardens
🌳 Located near Govanhill and Pollockshields
A peaceful place of sanctuary next to the Tramway arts venue, where you can go and relax outside as a family. They also offer various classes – see the website for details.

Botanic Gardens
🌳  Located near Maryhill
This park is a bit like wandering round a big beautiful garden! There are lots of different flowers and plants to look at, and a playground with cool outdoor musical instruments!

Linn Park
🌳  Located near Castlemilk and Croftfoot
A huge park with woodland, the remains of a castle, and a river running through it. Perfect for exploring and making up adventures!

Walk the River Clyde
🌳  Located near Gorbals and Govanhill
Follow this path for bikes and pedestrians along the Clyde from Glasgow Green to the SECC and you’ll see all sorts of Glasgow landmarks – such as the Finnieston Crane and the Hydro!

If you have your own great tips and ideas for places to go, email Ruby at if you want to share with our Lickety Families…

…and don’t forget to make a Lickety Sandwich to take with you! See Taz’s cookery video on the left… 

Over to You

The latest creations from Licketyspit Children & Families…

  • Arshiyan’s Rainbow
  • Adesire’s poem & ideas for family activities

Keep dancing at home while we take a break!

We’re taking a three-week break from Storyplay City before returning during the week of Monday 19 April… but that doesn’t mean you need to stop playing – or dancing! We’ve made a Spotify playlist of all the music we dance to at Porridge & Play, so you can keep active and having all of our usual fun until we get back together!

If you have any songs you’d like to share with the Lickety Families please add them to the playlist!