Storyplay City Week 7

Becoming pirates!

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We are the PIRATES BOLD,
We don’t give a monkey if it’s cold
We are not AFRAID if the world is BIG
We don’t care a button and we don’t care a fig…

Arrrrrr! We had such a fantastic time in last week’s pirate-themed Storyplay session where we dressed up as pirates, sang the Pirate Song, and went on an adventure with the Magic Ball… Catch up on where we ended up in all of our sessions below! ☠️  🗺️  ⚓


Saturday 13 March 2021

🏴‍☠️ ‘My name is Captain Cold and I like ice cream!’ Anaya

🦜‘Hi, my name is Pirate Lily, I love boats and my favourite adventure is Magic Ball. I love porridge and play!’ Sayeh

🏴‍☠️ ‘Name: Ghost Pirate. My favourite food is Spaghetti and I live in a dark cave!’ Lawand

🦜 ‘My name is Captain Rainbow and I like rainbow and I’m going to hop on my unicorn!’ Ayesha

🏝️ The Pirate Chronicles  🏝️

It was a wet and wild adventure in the Magic Ball this week! We landed aboard a stormy ship ⚓️ and hurriedly ran below deck into the cold dark depths of the ship… Anaya & Ayesha lit their torches and stepped forth to investigate, and there in the corner stood.. a bear!! 🐻

We drew our pirate swords and stepped bravely towards the bear, but when we looked closely we discovered that the bear was crying!

‘Oh boo hoo boo hoo’ he cried ‘I’m meant to be going to a ceilidh but I don’t have a turn!’

Adeelah and Muhammed comforted the bear and gave him some honey! Once the bear was calm all of the pirates taught him the pirate song to sing at the ceilidh, but changed the word PIRATE to the word BEAR! 🎶

We are the BEARS BOLD,
We don’t give a monkey if it’s cold


Hooray! So the bear bounced off to his ceilidh, we all caught a great big shark and swam back to the Magic Ball! Once we were back, we heard the tale of Pirate Princess…

The tale of Pirate Princess

‘So it was a beautiful day to drive my ship so I went outside to board my ship and I drove for 1 hour and 46 minutes. When a thunderstorm hit and I was losing control of my ship it began to shake and wobble and then I felt it sinking my feet touching the shark filled oceans, it sank I swum to shore.. well.. to the jungle because that was the closest thing to me where I met my pet lion Flora!’

By the Saturday Gang, Iona, Jack & Andre 🦜

‘I am princess pirate I like to eat kit Kat with ice cream and I like to be a pirate!’


‘I just draw a banana, it was going and I put it in the Lion’s mouth and then he die! His hand in his mouth! I give banana to the lion and then the lion die!’


‘Ok this is my drawing and this is me as a pirate but I changed the name and it is NiNi. I wrote like a little poem and it goes like ‘I am NiNi and I like dancing in the pirate ship with my parrot Slack!’


‘The name of my pirate is Pirate Love! She lives in a town called Pirate town and she definitely likes to eat eggs and bacon!

‘My name is captain rainbow and I like rainbow and I’m going to hop on my unicorn!’ 

‘I drawed Iona losing her crew and these are all of her crew and I wrote princess cause this is me saying you don’t need to worry Iona we’ll make a new team for you!’ 


 ‘Captain Bean who likes to eat beans!’

Salim & Hawaa

My name is Captain Buttercup!

Child, 5


Thursday 11 March 2021

Captain Twisted Face and Second In Command were in need of a new crew! You see, the old crew was terrible at pirating and swimming, so they got eaten by sharks, so Captain Twisted Face was forced to recruit new members.

☠️ “I need a new gang with excellent pirate skills, remarkable swimming styles AND sandwich-making notions would be preferable”
🙋‍♂️ “Well Captain, let’s have a look at these pirates…”

We met Pirate Greyback and Pirates Matter, Butter and BossPirate Pickle, who for breakfast loves pickle on toast with tomato sauce! Pirate Goldie steals gold to buy ships and he’s always hungry and he eats all sorts of things, but most of the time he sleeps! Captain Wobble sings to fish and a pirate alien called Shark Beard. Big Beard works alone and he repairs the ship and we even met a pirate called Miss Clean! Pirate Posh wakes up and eats toast, and Curly Wurly hunts with her bow.

Then there was Pirate SpongeBob, Mich Miracle Pirate dressed in purple and pink, pizza fan Pirate Roma with Diana the Parrot (who can not resist a carrot!), and Fashion Pirate who trusts nobody and sleeps with one eye open. And there’s tall pirate with seven friends who likes some chicken and fruits and veg, Mr. Banana who sleeps on a bed that is red, and finally Captain Silver Beard who eats gold – and if he eats too much he may explode!

☠️  “This crew is perfect! Let’s sail the seas, find treasure, fight pirates, sing songs and swim!”

And off they went on a Magic Ball that is sometimes Second in Command’s eye, but sometimes is not!

🙋‍♂️ “Storms make us dizzy”
🙋‍♀️ “Put chewing gum in your shoes!”
🙋‍♂️ “Another ship Captain!… Who on earth are that crew?”
🙋‍♀️ “This fish needs some help because it can’t sing”
🙋‍♂️ “Let’s teach it our Pirate song and it’ll teach us how to swim!”

From the Thursday Gang, Taz, Iona & Andre 🏝️


Wednesday 10 March 2021

🏴‍☠️ There’s Drake the Pirate (Areeb) who’s kind and happy!
🦜 There’s Lily the Pirate with her accomplice… Captain Underpants!
🏴‍☠️ There’s Pirate Cutee (Aroush) flying in the clouds with the flowers!
🦜 There’s Adesayo the Pirate with an eye patch and long hair!
🏴‍☠️ There’s Pirate Brown who fed a banana to a LION!
🦜 There’s Pirate Felicia and Pirate Emma with her members Mummy and Russel (Marc)!

All the pirates scrubbed the deck and roared “AYE AYE, CAPTAIN” to Captain Funny Face and her second in command, Pirate Onion! Then they jumped in a Magic Ball to find a new pirate ship, but ended up on… a desert island! Uh oh! 🏝️

Before they could even think about how to escape the island they found a 🦔 weeping hedgehog. The hedgehog was very upset because she was meant to be going to a 💃 ceilidh – but didn’t have a turn! The pirated chatted and rubbed their heads, trying to think of something they could teach the hedgehog. And then they had a brainwave… they could teach the hedgehog the PIRATE SONG! Huzzah! But… they changed the word pirate to hedgehog!

We don’t give a monkey if it’s cold


The hedgehog was thrilled! And off they went to the ceilidh, singing all the way! Once the hedgehog had said goodbye, Osak and Osato led the way back to the Magic Ball, 🏃‍♀️running at high speeds and 🏊 swimming across the sea!

By the Wednesday Gang, Iona, Taz & Andre 🦜

Your reflective drawings!

What does theatre mean to you?

At Licketyspit we often talk about what actors and children have in common – as PLAY experts! Theatre is simply collective play. So at Porridge & Play, when we go off in our Magic Ball or create Pirate Captains or Undersea Characters, we are creating theatre together!

20th March is World Day of Theatre for Children and Young People and that includes theatre by children and young people like you!

Our friends at ASSITEJ (The International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People) have been asking children and young people around the world what theatre means to them. So we’d like to know, what does theatre mean to you? Click the button below to submit your thoughts.

Tell us what you think!

While we’re talking about theatre…

Triple Act Theatre & Arts are offering a free week-long online workshop for children in Primary 4–7, taking place from Monday 12 to Friday 16 April (10am-1pm each day). Led by theatre professionals, children will travel through time to develop a radio comedy show inspired by Scotland’s funniest and darkest tales – which will then be streamed for people to enjoy! Find all the details here, and if you’d like to speak to someone to find out more you can contact Mary at or call 01294 475 648.

Cooking with Taz… and friends!

Taz is back with a brand new Cooking With Taz video – and this time she’s joined by some Lickety Friends! Taz and pals will show you how to make three healthy, nutritious and deeeelicious snacks to cook as a family:

🍿 Popcorn with Taz
🍜 Sweetcorn Noodles with Noor and Ayaan
🌯 Toasted Tortilla Wraps with Zeenat

💭  In last week’s Storyplay session, when we baked our Rights Cakes, CFN member Simmi reminded us of the Right to be Properly Fed. Taz’s cooking videos helps you to do just that by introducing children to the pleasure of cooking – and some yummy, healthy, affordable recipes!

UNCRC bill is passed in Scottish Parliament

And finally… it’s official! 🎉🥳🎉 We’re thrilled that the bill has been passed for the Scottish Government to incorporate the UNCRC (United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child) into Scots Law. This is such an important moment for children in Scotland, whose many rights will be protected by law. That includes all the things we baked into our children’s rights cakes the other week – and more!