Eoin Carey – Photographer

Eoin is an Irish portrait and documentary photographer based in Galsgow. He has taken photos at Licketyspit projects including Big Porridge & Play Glasgow 2017-2019 and Ibrox Storyplay 2018.

On Licketyspit, Eoin says, “As a creative and a parent I have a huge appreciation for the work Licketyspit do and really value my connection with them.
Their work is play. It is incredible to see how effective their work is in the faces of children and the energy of parents. It is grounded, inclusive, responsive and consistent, adult words to describe what all play should be.”

Eoin works across the performing arts in theatre, music and dance and creates work for editorial, advertising and commercial clients. Describing his own work, he says “I am endlessly drawn to photography’s strange and recognisable brilliance at telling a story and I really like working collaboratively to explore ways to make that happen. I have a deep interest in people and I always look for the human element at the centre of a photo.”

“I work on multiple personal projects around parenthood, exploration and conservation. I recently visited Ecuador to photograph an expedition to an important and hidden cave network in the Amazon rainforest (www.Tayos.org).