Itxaso (Taz) Moreno

Hiya! I’m Taz and when I Lickety Play I have great fun becoming ‘The Funky Chicken’ and meeting all the other exuberant creatures in the circle. Everyone makes up the most exciting animals you’ve ever imagined!

Itxaso (Taz) Moreno is a freelance actor who has worked with Licketyspit for over 14 years. She first joining the company to play Baletxo in Green Whale in 2006. She later trained as one of the first Margarets in LicketyLeap, and regularly performs LicketyLeap as part of our Storyplay programme. She has also worked as a Lead Actor Pedagogue on Big Porridge & Play Glasgow 2017, 2018, 2020, 2021; Picnic & Play; and Playcard Play & Playground Play delivery in our Storyplay Schools. In 2021/22 she will be delivering Womens Aid Storyplay and Porridge & Play Hubs.