Oakwood Storyplay Rhymes

We had a brilliant time creating warm-up action rhymes with P6 at Oakwood Primary School.  See their creative work below!

Make yourself as SHINEY as a UNICORN,

And as SPIKEY as a THORN,

As HARD as a ROCK,

And as SMELLY as a SOCK,


And as ROUND as a MOON!

Like a SPOON from TROON!

Make yourself as BRIGHT as the SUN,

As CUTE as ma HON,

As BIG as a BUN

And as HEAVY as a TONNE,

Like a DISCO BALL that’s SPUN.

Make yourself as Sticky as honey

And as big as Bugs Bunny

Who is very very funny

And likes to eat money

He sells a lot of carrots

To buy gummy for his mummy

And I think that’s very funny

Cos the carrots they are yummy!