Holiday Play – Week 4

For the fourth week of joyful Summer Holidays, we have decided to play The Bear & The Honeypot! Can you sneakily creep up on the Bear and steal the Honey Pot without being caught??!

This week we are also very excited to be sharing crafts & activities kindly suggested by some of our Children & Families Network families! Read further to find out more.

Tell us HOW YOU GET ON with these games and crafts and we would love to see PHOTOS & DRAWINGS of your family play time & creations to share with other families!

You can send them to us by email at or through social media – Facebook or Twitter!

We can’t wait to hear from you!

Lickety Play Card Game

Activity of the week


Did you know that you can use various household items to make fascinating artworks?! You can use anything from sponges, straws, yarn, crumpled up tin foil to cotton balls or tied-up earbuds! Anything you like, simply dip into some paint & let your imagination run wild! Weeeee!

If you don’t have any items handy you can simply FINGER PAINT which creates some unique patterns & prints!

Check out these wonderful finger & earbud tree paintings by Piyanshu!

Tips & Handy Hints

Your children will never be bored if you always take some paper & crayons or pens and a couple of books with you when you go out. You can ask them to draw what they like about a book or even make up their own characters and/or create their own story! You could then use it for further games & activities – dress up as book characters, role-play dialogues or re-enact the most liked scenes!

If you are wondering which books to read/use, you can always go to our Lickety Library for inspiration & recommendations!

If you already have a favourite book which you would like to recommend to other Children & Family Network families, please take a photo of it & send us with a few sentences saying why it is special to you and your family! We can’t wait to hear from you 😊