Miltonbank P1

Monday 9th March 2020

We had an incredible first session of STORYPLAY with Primary One this week! P1 families are warmly invited to come and learn these games too at Porridge & Play next week! (18th March 9.15-11.30am)

There was so much enthusiasm and focus from everyone in the room.

We started with our warm up and then we introduced P1 to the Funky Chicken and they introduced us to a Brown Cat; a Pink Fox; a Sleepy Dog; a Pink Bird and a Scary Tiger! Thank you Lucy, Jack, Robyn, Lucas and Mya! We loved meeting those animals.

When we went flying on out balloons we flew all the way to the Highlands of Scotland and saw the snowcapped mountains. Melody saw some snow people making snow angels and we also saw them having a snowball fight. SPLAT!!!

Then we played Witches Fingers and all had great fun practising our Witchy Cackles and tricking all out friends into thinking we were going to say POISON!

After that we all dressed up in some wonderful costumes and went into the forest where we met Granny Lucas who loved to grow apples; Granny Jessica with 100 pet dogs, Granny Ahmad who grew carrot and potatoes and Granny Liam who had a giant tree in his garden.

After all that we still had the energy to go on a Magic Ball Adventure!

Today we went under the sea, we swam around and raced as Sea Horses then we had a rest and ate some apples and had some apple juice brought from Granny Lucas’ garden. Then we turned into turtles and crept forwsrds. There were lots of sharks, seaweed, killer whales and other animals. We then had to make a big shield with our backs to hide from the sharks and then AJ and Leah decided it wasn’t safe so led us back to the magic ball and back to Miltonbank where we were all safe!

You can find out more about the Lickety Playcards and how they support learning and health and wellbeing here.

We had a fantastic Lickety Art Gallery!

You can read some of the children’s words below and see all the drawings in a P1 album on our Facebook page. Click here to see it!

That’s me, that’s the monster tree, me as a granny – you as a tree monster. That was my favourite because it was funny. My granny lives in a Harley Quinn castle, she’s a baddie, the castle is beautiful. I felt funny today. We played Witches Fingers at breaktime all together. Jack and Djames were witches.


This is a window, that’s the sky and these are clouds, that’s me dressed up. The window is in the school in the room we were in. My favourite part was the (magic) ball. I would like to go back in the ocean, the shark would eat me.


So, that’s me and my favourite game was like the ball and that is all the magic. I’m going see a jungle, I might see unicorns I would take everyone with me because I made it big so there’s lots of space. I felt a little bit nervous about Licketyspit but I’m not anymore. I feel good now.


That’s the witch, that’s me in the water and everybody in the ball. We’re going to over there in the water. There’s the tree – the monster tree and that’s all the sky cause it’s nightitme and it’s a bit creepy because it’s night time. Magic Ball was my favourite, because you go on adventures. I’d like to go to the forest next, I might see foxes and werewolves. I would go at nighttime. I felt good today.


A balloon – A witch – A granny – A chicken – The water – a button – water – pattern. I’ve drawn everything!


That’s the witch, that’s you that’s me and Miss Macmillan playing the witches game. *witches laugh* that was my favourite game because it was fun. I liked dressing up, I could dress up at home.


That’s Lucy, that’s me we’re the balloon that’s the dressing up. We’re going to Miss Macmillan’s house. The dressing up was my favourite today. Dress up at home. I felt good today.


That’s the witch, that’s the magic ball, that’s the magic ball, that’s the balloon, that’s the chicken and that’s the magic ball, my favourite was Magic Ball because I like it. I would go to lunchtime next because I love lunch. I felt happy because I love games. I play at home too.


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