Miltonbank P3 – Session 1

Monday 2nd March 2020

P3 had their first STORYPLAY session with us on Monday with Mr Lindsay, Jack, & Virginia.

We were BIG as a BEAR and FAST as a HARE! We did the FUNKY CHICKEN and the NICE CAT and lots of great funny animals!

We flew high in our Balloons over Glasgow and the world! We did Grandma Grandma sick in bed and then we dressed up – spectacularly!

We played Witches Fingers – and Mr Lindsay was an extremely scary witch! And Monsters Footsteps! We had some great Grannies! Then we climbed into the Magic Ball and went to the moon where we met a sad Moon Creature and sang Happy Birthday and gave him some cake to cheer him up! Then we jumped into a crater and fell down into Kenya! We rode on camels, horses and elephants to the beautiful sea to swim!

You can find out more about the Lickety Playcards and how they support learning and health and wellbeing here.

We had a great Lickety Art Gallery!

You can read some of the children’s words below and see all the drawings in a P3. album on our Facebook page. Click here to see it!

That’s Macy, That’s Lyle, and that’s MiaCara and that’s Mr Lyndsay! That’s me and a Balloon. Saw the school & a dog.

P3 Child

This is the one when we were doing the Witches Fingers …Poison! …Theres people running around – the moon & us talking about what we should do with the scared monster. I liked the Witches Fingers, (Dressing Up) made me feel happy, also silly!

P3 Child

Do you know the Nice Cat?

P3 Child

P3 enjoyed a great initial session with Virginia and Jack this morning, the kids were genuinely buzzing all day on account of the fun and laughter earlier on.

P3 Teacher

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