P6/5 Session 2 – Miltonbank

Monday 16th March 2020

We had a wonderful session of outdoor Storyplay with the bubbly and energetic P6/5’s at Miltonbank in their last session.

The whole class remembered how to warm up by making yourself as Big as Bear! And as Fast as a Hare! You can do the Warm Up at home with this video.

We had some brilliant bird like running as well! We loved warming up outside today! We played ON / OFF which is a good game for playing at home around a rug with your family.

The Funky Chicken is popular with this class who are full of great invented animals and actions which were quite hilarious!

Following on from last week the P/65’s have the collective voice of an angel as they remembered every line of Grandma Grandma and sang with such great energy and enthusiasm! It was a very cool and funky version!

We played a variation of What’s the Time Mr.Wolf Licketyspit style! We met some brilliant and terrifying wolves! We had Kiera Wolf, Ali Wolf and Asfa Wolf! What did the wolves get us all to do?!

We grabbed tightly onto our Flying Balloons and we flew so high we left the earth’s atmosphere and floated around in space! We saw Saturn and Rockets and way down to the Sea.

This is a great game to play at home, it can take you as far away as your imagination can go…why not go to India or Ecuador from your bedroom?

We also met poor Miss Mary Mac Mac Mac, all dressed in black black black! What was this rhyme about? Can you remember the story?

We had such a wonderful time this week and remember all of our games can be played at home, all you need is your imagination to take you anywhere you want and play any game you desire! We’ll be sharing regular videos, story-making prompts and other activities by email and text through through the Children & Families Network and on our Facebook Page.

We had an even better Lickety Art Gallery this time!

You can read some of the children’s words below and see all the drawings in the Session 2 P6/5 album on our Facebook page. Click here to see it!

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Do the Big as a Bear WARM UP with our video here!

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