LicketyLeap at Miltonbank – Group 2

25th February 2020

Miltonbank’s Storyplay Residency started with LicketyLeap for Primary Two.

19 children in two groups leaped into the story with Margaret & Margaret!

We journeyed through the BOG over the SEA into the CAVE and up the MOUNTAIN to find our HEART’S DESIRES! It was an amazing adventure!

At the end Margaret & Margaret flew away in their balloon and a bundle of postcards fell down from the sky – they were for us – thanking us all for going with them to the top of the mountain & being such brave explorers!

The journey took us 90 minutes so there is a lot to tell! We’re hoping parents & carers can come to school this week to see a film of the journey – under the sea, catching fish in Fishy ladies boat & cooking them! Jumping ashore to find fruit trees, rock pool and animals in a hole in the ground! We scrambled up to the cave, we saw the bear and we flew on a giant bird before jumping across a great chasm to the summit and zooming back down. Now we feel we can do anything!

In Storyplay, the only limits are our imagination!

You can see all of our Reflective Drawings on Facebook (some below). You can also read some of what the children said and see some photos below!

Parents & carers of Primary 2, please join us on Wednesday 4th April at 2pm (Group 2) or 10.15am (Group 1) to see the film and some reenactment of the story by the children. You will also get a chance to hear more about why we are doing this high impact project!

So I drew the heart for the heart’s desire and I drew the mountain and a little fish. (fish) going down the zipline, killer whale. (fish) cinammon. (felt) Tremendous!

Jaymes, Miltonbank P2

That is the fisher lady she’s trying to find fish and that is a pool float and that is a cloud and the sun and the bear and the boogeymonster and all of us at the top of the hill. (fave) hedgehogs! We found them in a little cave. WE put food. We had sweets and bananas and mangoes and all sorts of things. They came out and we got to hold them and we got to name them – called mine Georgie. (felt) Awesome. I didn’t feel worried.

Iona, Miltonbank P2

So may favorite bit was when it was the fishing lady and there is the fish and the cave and there’s the mountain and I tried to do the hearts desire and there is the sun. And the fishing lady and her fishing line. I found it a bit funny because she’s like ‘Fishy fishy!’ and then we helped her catch fish. (fish) Mines tasted like chocolate. We like did swaps around. (felt) Excited.

Euan, Miltonbank P2

That’s the water, that’s the cave. That’s the red things. Us! (fave) when we were in the cave. We petted him. (felt) good

Rylan, Miltonbank P2

I done the water and me and margaret were swimming. (see) little rainbow fishes. I liked to swim. (felt) a little bit wet

Nicola, Miltonbank P2

That’s me and that’s the tree and that’s the monkey and all the bananas.

Dale, Miltonbank P2